Walking on the Edge of the Ledge

Listening to Hear His Still Small Voice

“Where the Just Shall Live by Faith”

By Jean Pierre and Sharon Langlois


Sharon and I have been married for 33 years, looking back on our walk with God there's one common thread that runs true throughout our entire journey! Hearing The Holy Spirit - His Still Small Voice and obeying what we heard no matter how unusual that sounded us. Always leading and guiding us through many trials of life and the lusts and cares of this world. In order to hear His Still Small Voice, you must quiet everything around you, the anxieties of your mind; worries and self-ambitions that are trying to achieve the best of what the world has to offer us. However, God gave us Free Will, the choice to choose.

If we do not make the effort to read the Word of God which is our daily bread. The Word of God. Jesus is the Word made flesh – Emmanuel God with us John 1:14… “And the Word became Flesh and dwelt among us and we Beheld His Glory as the only begotten of the Father, full of Grace and Truth.” John 1:1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God. And the Word was God. Not reading the Word, the Riches of this world will overshadow the True Riches in God and eventually the lusts of this world and those voices become louder, drowning out His Still Small Voice.

Think about this, the name of Jesus in Hebrew is “Yeshua” which translates literally to “Salvation John Chapter 1 Verses 2-5 He was in the beginning with God. All things were made through Him, and without Him nothing was made that was made. In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. And the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it.” We can’t have a relationship with our Heavenly Father, without fully understandind who Jesus Christ was..

Jesus says this clearly in John 14:6,7 “ I Am The Way, the Truth and the Life nobody comes to the Father except through Me. If you had known Me, you would have known My Father and from now on you know Him and have seen Him.” Jesus promises us a Helper, The Holy Spirit – His Still Small Voice which is very important to us. John 14:15-18 “ If you love Me, keep my commandments. And I will pray to the Father and He will give you another Helper, that He may abide with you forever – The Spirit of truth, whom the world cannot receive, because it never sees Him nor knows Him; but you know Him, for He dwells in you. I will not leave you orphans, I will come to you. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

Jesus also told us “He won’t leave you us orphans”. If we’re truly wanting to follow Jesus. Listen for His Still Small Voice, The Spirit of truth showing us the Way, The Truth and the Life. Matthew 7:7 says… Ask, and it will be given to you; seek and you shall find; knock and the door shall be open unto you. For everyone you ask receives, and he who seek finds, and to him who knocks it will be open. Verse 12-14 The Conditions. Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the Law and the Prophets. Enter by the narrow gate; for wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and there are many, who go in by it. Because narrow is the gate and difficult is the way which leads to life and there are few who find it. God said it was easy!

Ministering God's Love - Through Sharon’s Eyes

To minister the Love of God, you don't need to figure out all the formulas of how you can be the most effective in letting people know that God loves them! All you need, is to be available and willing! Here's a perfect example of the Love of God towards anyone of us! I often helped Lee Menard, a blind man regularly, to do his weekly grocery shopping.

One day, while shopping with Lee, I became very intentional in my heart, and prayed specifically asking God to lead me to one person that He could touch with His love that day! Feeling to do that with just an intentional "smile!" Hoping God would "smile through my eyes" and that this person would feel God's Love just through a genuine smile!

Being in the Produce area, I noticed a lady beside me. In looking up I said "Hi!" pausing and smiled at her. Right then and there I felt God's Love flowing to this lady. I went on to say "God bless you", and continued on.Minutes later, I hear someone behind me, seemingly hurrying to try and catch up to me. In turning around and there’s "this lady!" She looks a little out of breath as she was trying to find me.

She says, "I had to find you! You need to know something,” and she goes on to say “I had planned, after coming to the store to go home, and end my life. I felt like I had nothing more to live for. But when you said Hi to me and then smiled at me, I felt God's Love so strong and at that moment I did not want to kill myself anymore. I knew that God really loves me!"

Wow! Did God ever answer my prayer quickly and powerfully! You just never know what God can do. This certainly proves that it's not us! God knew that this lady was at her end, thinking that nobody cared or loved her anymore and her life wasn't worth living another day! Who knew? God knows! Sometimes, that's all it takes to change the course of someone's life! We need to take time and be intentional to care for the lost! Love covers a multitude of sins and Love Breaks the yoke of bondage!

You can’t hear God if you never allow yourself the quality time you need to spend with Him every single day, communing with God wanting to hear His Still Small Voice. You 'll be pleasantly surprised, as you ask Him to use you and what the outcome will be, wanting Him to touch one of His lost children through something like a genuine smile and a kind greeting. What He’ll do and how He’ll brings it to pass, as we are willing. After all He is God and He knows exactly what is best for every one of us!

Sharon Langlois

Having known Sharon since the Spring of 1984, and over the last 35 years. I find her to be very genuine, loving, gentle, caring for others and well-liked by most that have come across her path. Many being business contacts who were unbelievers at the time, right up to Christians Leaders we’ve come to know, over the years or having ministered in their churches.

I have never felt any judgement from her in the many difficulties and trials that have come our way in our walk together with the Lord. Believe me, there have been hundreds of major attacks come our way, most not my fault, but yes a few, self-inflicted and of my own doing. Yet Sharon has always been very supportive, believing that God will make a way where there seems to be no way out, always willing to pray together. As well as encouraging me to spend time with the Lord seeking His face and at times even suggesting to join me in Fasting and Prayer.

In 2014 after being beat up financially in business, where I was supposedly eventually receive 3% of $5.2 Million for the Sale of the Senior Care Facility located in Nanaimo. I received no wages, just expenses driving 60 miles one way from greater Victoria as it took me 18 months to renovate and increase the income. Bringing the occupancy from 56% to over 95% of a 79 units which increases the value of the property by $2 Million more than the owner paid for the property.

His Mortgage Company ended up foreclosing and he lost the property. The company who bought it on a Court Ordered Sale from the Mortgage company sold the One Building for $2.2 and the Second Building for $3 Million. Exactly what I had told the owner was the right thing to do, sell both Buildings separately.

Not receiving $66,000 in commissions for selling the first building hurts yet Sharon was very understanding and told me I needed a Sabbatical, that she decided that God would give her a good job. Ironically, she started helping the Elderly in Senior Care Centers or in their homes for free. Then God gave her a great paying job with Helping Hands taking care of Seniors in their Homes. Our needs were all taken care of as Sharon understood the value in me needing to spend major time with God, seeking Him.

That’s what can happen when a man allows God to pick his Helpmate! God knows exactly who we need to marry, if we aren’t in a hurry or looking for all the wrong reasons. We were engaged on our first date. Sharon and I both heard His Still Small Voice that I was to be her Husband and she was to be my Wife.

See Chapter 10,11,13, 14 & 15. Talks about that Sharon and I getting engaged to be married on our first date and how the Holy Spirit lines it all up as we both are willing to listen and obey His Still Small Voice trusting God. Both believing God, never once mentioning to each other, what we were both hearing from The Holy Spirit. Not even a hint to speed things along. Sharon knew that I was to be her Husband, I was only told three days before we were engaged to be married.

That’s what can when we Trust and Obey His Still Small Voice! So let God choose your Helpmate!!!

Jean Pierre Langlois

PS Being self-employed for the 33 years of marriage, in the Business World, you will experience many financial challenges. The choice is ours, we can Serve God or Money, but we can only serve one. In choosing to serve God, one has plenty opportunities to better understand the importance of forgiving.

The Second Common Thread you’ll find in this book is Money! Earning money is knit throughout the Thread of all our Lives. Yet You can’t serve God and Money, for you’ll Love the one and Hate the other. Our Testimonies often involved the Test-of-monies and our need to Forgive! Because if we aren't willing to Forgive, neither can our Heavenly Father forgive you.

Our Prayer time needs to involve listening, not just asking to fix the messes we’ve gotten ourselves into. Jesus showed us how to pray. May I suggest starting by reflecting on every word of this prayer, "Our Father who art in Heaven, Take the time to Worship Him, as Worship focuses on Him, not on Self and our needs. Hallowed be Thy Name, Thy Will be done on Earth not our will be done, but our willingness to do His will, as it is in Heaven and Forgive our Trespasses Forgive us in the same way that we are willing to forgive others who have done us wrong as we forgive those who trespassed against us."

Then as we forgive everyone who has offended us, we are then forgiven and He can then, "lead us not into temptations and delivers us from evil!" That's how important and powerful forgiving needs to be in our lives, otherwise we ourselves fall in Pride and we are judged with that same measure that we judge others. After reflecting in prayer, we then release God to get involved in our lives, “For Thine is The Power, The Glory and Honor for ever and ever. Amen! Amen literally means “ So be it.”

The Power of Forgiveness - Blindman Receives Healing

In my 2nd year after giving my heart to the Lord, I also owned 50% of CBS Promotions Inc., promoting Radio and TV Stations in Western Canada. One of our 1,500 Business Clients was John the owner of Lucky Lake Trout Farm a blindman with a seeing eye dog! He had become blind during a riot as a guard at the maximum prison in Fort Saskatchewan during a Riot, after he was caught on the wrong side of the lockup where a couple of Inmates rubbed Draino in his eyes.

After being forced into retirement he received a lifetime pension which allowed him to purchase 160 acres of land with a Lake where he started a small Fishing Lodge. I soon became a friend as I loved to fish there a couple times a week! I also became his biggest client, purchasing all kinds of tackle! In time, John made his lifetime dream known to me of always wanting to start a Kids Camp! My partner and I called our lawyer and paid for all the legal bills to set up the Child Betterment Society which he named after the initials of our company, CBS and it was an honor for me to be asked to be the Treasurer.

Not long after that I started travelling weekends with a First Nation fellow named Bentley Bones who ministered on Reserves! I had a sound system, played guitar and sang so I would volunteer my time to do the Worship. One day I heard His Still Small Voice again, telling me that Bentley needed to come with me to meet my friend who owned the Trout Farm! In mentioning John’s first and last name, Bentley had no idea who this John was! In fact, he never took invitation seriously, so I had to ask him several times, until he finally agreed to come with me to visit John! The day came when we visited John and as we walked through the door, John knew that it was me, just by my footsteps! As you know, a blind man's senses like his hearing, intensify making up for losing his eyesight. Before I could say Hi to John, he acknowledged me!

Then I introduced my friend Bentley then he said, “Hi John.” Immediately John recognized Bentley’ voice and anger rose up in John's countenance and he said, " You were in D Block, in cell such and such!" Who knew that Bentley was an inmate in the same section, where John was the Guard caught in the area during that Riot! The Holy Spirit knew. John was a tough looking Cowboy, over 6 ft. tall, heavy set, who wore a western Cowboy Hat, Boots and a Belt Buckle from riding Broncos in Rodeos!

Unknowingly, Bentley’s prison cell was only a couple away from where one of the inmates had rubbed out John's eyes with Draino! Now this usually meek and gentle soft-spoken man, just happy to be on his Trout Farm was now very angry! Without thinking it just came rolling out of my mouth, I said "John, if you can forgive Bentley, God will heal you!" Thinking Oops! What did I just say, wanting to possibly take those words, back. But instead, a confidence and faith rose up in me and I said, "John, there's power in forgiveness; I'm telling you that God is real and if you can forgive him, God will heal you, right here, right now!" Then John said, "I can't" and I replied "You can't, or you won't! Would you forgive him if you could?" and he replied, "I would if I could, but I can't, so I won't!"

Then I found myself talking about Jesus, His shed blood and the forgiveness for all of us, continually encouraged him to forgive Bentley! This episode went on for a long time talking about God’s Love and the power of forgiveness. I knew no Scripture on Forgiveness other than what Jesus said on the cross “Father Forgive Them For They Know Not What they Do!” Continuing about the power of the blood of Jesus. Finally, I asked John to forgive Bentley. John repeated that he would if he could, but he can't, so he won't! Finally, I said "If you could you would! Leave it at that! God can work with that!"

Then Bentley said, "John I didn't do it, please forgive me, I should have tried to stop it!" Oh, the compassion that filled the room in that moment was beyond comprehension! It was like Jesus Himself had walked into the room. Not a soul could have held back the tears in that moment, as I was moved with a force of compassion flowing from a supernatural entity influencing all 3 of us. I continued to talk to John, but now he could hear my broken voice, as tears flowed from my spirit man! I've never felt so much compassion for another man as an unexplainable compassion and resounding power filled the building!

Then I saw it, eyes that could no longer shed a tear because of damaged dried up tear ducts. There it was One little Tear in the corner of one eye! I continued making it more personal, speaking about God's Forgiving Power and it became more evident that I too was feeling it and it showed in my voice even more, as I was about to be part of a miracle that I would experience for the first time! In the next couple of minutes, as tears flowed freely down all our faces, John's eyes cleared up completely, a deep blue and his sight was completely restored. As John started describing what I looked like and reading the poster on the wall behind me, that John had never seen, never mind read!

That's when I looked up towards Heaven and said "Holy Shit, you’ve got to be kidding me! Ok Lord, where, ever You want me to go and whatever You want me to do, I’m in!" Remember I was just saved 2 years before. A Blind receiving his Sight was my first Miracle! What words would you have used! For the next couple of hours, the excitement never really did subside! John started running outside on the grounds ahead of his Seeing Eye Dog! Talk about a supernatural event!

At times when I've told ‘This Blind Man Miracle Story" in various churches, some people get offended by the words I used! In particular, “Holy Shit”. I ask them what they might have said seeing the Blind receiving his sight!” Plus I was a drug dealer less than 2 years before. Are you kidding me! The only thing I did is talk about the Power of Forgiveness! I thought I did pretty good, my language could have been much more colorful as my vocabulary including another very popular F word among my rebellious circles and it certainly wouldn’t have been Forgiven or His Faithfulness to us!

Imagine for a moment this trained German Shepherd chasing after John wondering what’s going on! It was crazy to say the least! Then a while later when we were talking about what had just happened seemingly coming down a notch or two John said to me, "So what do I do with my dog?" I replied, "I don't know, take him for a walk, he'll make a great pet!" As stupid as that sounds, it’s all that I could come up with having experienced the Bible firsthand as we allow His compassion to flow through us.

At times when I've told ‘This Blind Man Miracle Story" in various churches, some people get offended by the words I used! In particular, “Holy Shit”. I ask them what they might have said, seeing the Blind receiving his sight!” I was a Babe in Christ and less than 2 years before seeing this miracle, I was a drug dealer. Are you kidding me! The only thing I did was talk to the Blindman was Jesus and the Power of Forgiveness! I thought I did pretty good, my language could have been much more colorful as my vocabulary including another very popular F word among my rebellious circles and it certainly wouldn’t have been the word Forgive!

Regardless judgment shouldn’t be in the Body of Christ, I quickly realized it was. When we’ve preached the Word in various Denomination, many times we would be asked, “What Denomination are we with?” I tell them, “That if I say this one or that one, you'll put me in that box! Sharon an I love the Lord Jesus Christ! Praising and thanking God for His leading and guiding us!”

Ever since we came to know Jesus, we’ve wondered over why there’s 2,000 Denominations who all profess to love Jesus Christ, yet seemingly can't get along. In some cases, they don't even like each other! In fact some think others are going to hell because they don’t believe certain doctrines of the Church they attend. Sharon and I believe that Doctrines causes divisions which leads to judging one another. Then… With the measure they judge one another’s, they themselves are judged! Finding themselves tossed To & Fro with every wind of Doctrine, that best suits them! Now that’s irony at its best!

Remember God loves you and He knows everything about you, even to the smallest details. He knows the desires of our heart, all our needs and our greed. That’s a hard one, though we are in the World, we are not of the World. Sometimes getting the desire of the Lusts of this world out from our hearts, requires much pruning which doesn’t feels good to our flesh. Even though it doesn’t feel like it at the time, that too is God’s Love, which we need to attain the fulness of what God wants for us for all eternity!

Sharon and I pray that our testimonies encourage you to press into the things of God. Listening to hear and obey His Still Small Voice with a Child Like Faith, just like most Father’ love their children. They always have their best interest in mind and to keep their children safe. At times fathers have to discipline their children. Heavenly Father Chastens His Children – By Definition is to correct by punishment or suffering; at the same time wanting to purify. To make someone understand that they have done something wrong and want to make them want to improve. Chasten is related to the word Chastise meaning punish severely. Both words can be traced back to the latin root, Castus - meaning morally pure! Chastening is to restrain, subdue, soften, curb, repress, reprove, abase, afflict, tame, disciplined, reprehend or punish. If you are chastened by something, it makes you regret that you have behaved badly.

Chastening of the Lord or to be Discipline by God

Hebrews Chapter 12 Verse 5 And you have forgotten the exhortation which speaks to you as sons; “My son, do not despise the chastening of the Lord (Our Heavenly Father) nor be discouraged when you are rebuked by Him; Verse 6 For whom the Lord loves He chastens, and scourges every sons whom He receives If you endure chastening, God deals with you as with sons, for what son is there whom a father does not chasten? But if you are without chastening, of which all have become partakers, then you are illegitimate and not sons.

Verse 9 – 11 Futhermore, we have had human fathers who corrected us, and we paid respect. Shall we not much more readily be subject to the Father od spirits and live? Verse 10 For they indeed for a few days chastened us, as seemed best for them, but He for our profit, Verse 11 Now no chastening seems to be joyful for the present, but painfully nevertheless, yet afterward it yields the peaceable fruit of righteousness to those who have been trained by it.

Don’t be selfish asking God Why?... whining with an attitude…Why has this happened to me like a spoiled Brat… like a child in an adult’ body. Instead ask Him with a Child Like Faith! “Ok God Why! What do you want me to learn from this!” That’s the quickest way to learn the lesson, otherwise we go around the same mountain again and again because the Father loves us as sons & daughters!

Jesus Christ, Immanuel “God with us!” God became flesh, to show us the Way, the Truth and Life that we are to live, as imitators of Christ, laying down our lives one for another. As we learnt to embrace the trials willing to die daily to our selfish desires and selfish ambitions, chasing the things and lusts of this world.

Walking on the Edge of the Ledge Chapter One - The Test of Money often Becomes our Testimony

So many times, throughout this book, Sharon and I are involved in various Business ventures in this world trying to "Walk on the Edge of the Ledge" and yet remain in God's Business. Trying to balance these two things is impossible without forgiving everyone for everything! May we suggest the best way to do that is to lay down your life, ambitions and money issues, when people took advantage of you. One can be sure that this will occur many times in your journey! Walk away from the strife, instead take the short end of the stick and things will go much better for you in long run with your walk with God. Always guard your heart against unforgiveness! That by the way is the perfect Law of Love for God is Love.

Numerous times we were taken advantage in business – One time, $600,000 supposedly coming to us in one deal. In Business as well as in personal life, stay away from taking people to Court when they refuse to pay what was rightfully yours. If you are being taken advantage of and losing that money upsets you, it’s all the proof you should need to know that the motive of your heart needs purification. Luke 12:34 For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Stay away from Strife because, “Where Strife is there’s every manner of evil.”

1 Timothy 6:3-5 If anyone teaches otherwise and does not consent to wholesome words, even of the Words of our Lord Jesus Christ, and the doctrine which accords with godliness Verse 4 … he is proud, knowing nothing, but disputes argues over words, from which comes strife, reviling, evil suspicions Verse 5 … useless wranglings of men of corrupt minds and destitute of the truth, who suppose that godliness is gain. As some Christian Circles teach that Godliness is Gain and if you’re not prospering there must be Sin in your life! Verse 5 cont’d… From such withdraw yourself. Verse 6 Now godliness with contentment is great gain. Being content with what we have on earth or not going in debt to supposedly get more entangled in this world, is very important.

Verse 7 For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. Verse 8 And having food and clothing, with these we shall be content. Otherwise… Verse 9,10… But those who desire to be rich fall into temptation and a snare and many foolish lusts which drown men in destruction and perdition. For the love of money is the root of all evil for which some have strayed from the faith, in their greediness and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.

BUT God … and His Word is True, and the Truth shall set You Free from the Law of Sin and Death! Verse 11,12 But you, O man of God, flee from these things and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith, love, patience and gentleness. Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold of eternal life, to which you are called and have confessed the good confession in the presence of many witnesses. We need to spend time with God and in prayer! "In everything in prayer and supplications with thanksgiving let your request be made known unto God!" Think about it ... with Thanksgiving letting our request be made known unto God. When He already knows all things. Knowing exactly what we need before we ask Him. Ask yourself this question! Our prayers and the time we spend in prayer, is it for His benefit or is it for our benefit? Just another thought are we Thankful or are we to be Demanding when we pray? We simply need to be is thankful for what we have, not making it about worldly possessions. Since we don’t take any of our worldly possession with us to Heaven. Is it not supposed to be about our Spiritual Well Being! Your Prayer Room will keep the required balance you need.

The battles are won in prayer in our “War Room" for "We don't wrestle against flesh and blood!” It’s not people we fight against … “but against principalities and ruler of darkness in high places." We need the Sword of the Spirit, the Word of God in our prayer closet which … “is mighty to the pulling down of strongholds and bringing into alignment our thoughts against anything that tries to exalt itself against God.” Our Prayer Closet Time reflects your Lifetime! It’s really simple, the time that you invest in the Word and in your Prayer Time with God, will reflect proportionately what you get out of it!

Your prayer closet should be a time where you learn to say less and to listen more. It’s not supposed to be about our wish list of long requests with our demands, dictating that God has to do for us. "Don't spend that precious time asking God what He must do for you to make you happy." Instead make sure you spend more time being quiet before God so that The Holy Spirit, His Still Small Voice can speak to you! At first listening in our Prayer Closet, the quiet can be deafening, until we learn to be still and know that He is God. Being obedient and patient allow us to wait on Him, listening to hear that His Still Small Voice. Giving you instruction for today. One day at a time! That’s when His Love can flow through us like a river from our inner most being, as we are willing to obey His Still Small Voice.

Chapter Two - The Miracle Sale

Here's another example in our Testimony that includes the Test-of-Money in our lives. One morning in 1986, after Sharon and I first were married, while praying together we both heard His Still Small Voice and we both knew that we were to give a sum of money to the Pastor who married us, just a few months earlier. Manly Hodges, a humble minister of the Gospel who was conveniently given an office upstairs in a large Denomination but not put on the payroll. The main reason was this large denomination did not believe in divorce, their Doctrine didn't permit a divorce person to marry in their church, yet there I was in one their congregations who wanted to marry Sharon. I was married before I had given my heart to the Lord. And there was Manly, the Man of God who had also baptized Sharon, conveniently positioned and referred by the Pastors from the same Denominations in the area who were divorced, wanting to remarry!

We both sensed that God wanted us to give this Pastor money as we prayed and asked how much, we both received the same figure "$330!" A very odd number which told us even more that it was the correct amount. We knew that he had to trust God for all his provision! At the time our company CBS Sportswear only around $340 in the bank! This was the first time God asked us both to give the same amount together, yet we were to give almost everything we had. Without a shadow of doubt, we weren't to allow our voices to become louder than His Still Small Voice, justifying or reasoning our way out of doing it! We simply needed to obey Him and so off we went in two separate vehicles because we both had different places to go afterwards! Not knowing if he would even be at his office.

We arrived and waited a good 30 minutes before we were able to even see him! After obedience, patience is what' s needed! We wrote him the $330 cheque and this Pastor went on to say, the amount he needed was less than $10 of what we gave him to replace the water pump for his well. Wow God!

Knowing we were obedient, Sharon and were planning to go in difference directions as she said, "Where are you planning to go?" We certainly needed money and somehow needed a sale and a deposit. It was Friday, the weekend, not normally a good day for a new sale, yet I told her I felt strongly the need to go to the West End of the city, but who was I to see, I had no clue whatsoever! I knew that we obeyed and were simply to trust God for He knew our need.

In saying that we prayed together and believed God that he knew that we had $10 left in the bank! I drove some 25 blocks when I heard that His Still Small Voice loud and clear, turn right here and then I drove north till I saw the Petro Canada Commercial Gas Bar.

It was then that I remembered that my T-Shirt Supplier gave me a Client’ name a couple of months earlier to go see this guy that wanted T-shirts! I didn’t remember his name, but I pulled in and ask to speak to the boss who was very busy serving customers! I waited 30 minutes just to eventually talk to him. I had never met him before, yet he mentioned that he wanted to order and just before leaving to help customers again said "Why don't you write out an order that you think will work for me! You obviously know what would be best!" So, in esteeming him better than my needs, I wrote out an order of T-Shirts in 6 colors to give him a proper variety, quantities, sizes and colors that would best serve his customers!

While waiting another 45 minutes, I received an unexpected phone call from Dan my Bank Manager telling me a $5,000 cheque from my T-Shirt Supplier was at my bank, which I needed to be covered, He asked me what time I was planning to make the deposit! Without thinking it just came flowing out of my mouth “I'll be in at 1 PM.” This Bank Manager was also a good friend and knew my business well and I never had an issue covering a cheque before! In those days you could write a cheque and it could take up to 2 weeks before it got to get to your Bank. This time somehow the $5,000 cheque, got to my bank in less than a week! Banking wasn't computerized 34 years ago, today it’s at your bank the next day.

I didn't know what I was to do, yet for some unknown reason, I wasn't in panic mode, which I would normally be! After the Owner came back in His office where I was to write out the order! After he looked at the order, he agreed to the quantities! It was 11:30 am, when I asked if I could write up an invoice for the order and hopefully collect it on Monday. He agreed and to my surprise the invoice was $5,330! There was no PST or GST in Alberta!

He was very busy, as it was a Friday and many 18 Wheelers were fueling up, preparing for their weekend long hauls. By the time he finally came back in the office around 12:15 and I gave him the invoice asking him if I could pick up a cheque when I hopefully delivered the order early next Monday or Tuesday! That’s when he asked his secretary saying, "JP is going to drop off an order so could you have a cheque ready for this invoice when he dropped the T-Shirt order off next Monday!"

My thoughts were that I could find favor with Dan, my Bank Manager, my friend, if I had order for $5,330 that I was going to pick up a cheque after the weekend! Not realizing at the time that we have a much bigger friend with God! As the owner and I continued to talk, to both our surprise the secretary comes walking into his office with a cheque in hand for the full amount! The owner started to explain that it was for Monday, immediately stopping himself midstream looks at me, saying " Can you use the cheque now!" As he signed the cheque and made a motion to want to hand me it to me! I said " Yah! That would be great!" Wow! God's knows exactly what we need, exactly when we need it! Note that was the first day I met guy! I not only received that $330 back that I gave Manly, but God also covered my $5,000 cheque that I didn't even know I needed the very morning before Sharon and I were obedient to give the $330. Fulfilling all our needs including his precious need for a Water Pump!

This event set a pattern that Sharon and I were to try to follow for the rest of our marriage, learning to obey and rest in Him, waiting patiently to hear that His Still Small Voice!

We never got it right all the time, but along the way we recognized the difference results between His Still Small Voice and listening to other voices including our own voice. We knew how to repent and confess our faults one to another when we did miss the mark as God is faithful to forgive us. Our calling is to learn how to rest in Him, knowing that we can trust Him to do the rest of what need to be accomplished! Trust and Obey. God has always been faithful to us and we've been blessed having the privilege to have Him flow through us, numerous times throughout our journey together as One in Him.

Chapter Three – Being about our Father’s Business

When we started writing this book in the Fall of 1996, Sharon and I had already come to know The Holy Spirit, recognizing His Still Small Voice in our lives and one early morning while writing a chapter, I heard Him loud and clear " Freely you have been given, freely give!" I knew that this book was to have NO PRICE TAG as I realized that it was our Testimonies. The Good, The Bad and the Ugly parts, overshadowed by His Mercy and His Loving Kindnesses that endure forever, regardless of our awareness.

In the Spring of 1997, we registered "Gospel Productions' our company to bring Good News to the lost and encouraging other to do the same! Sharon and I have never charged for the Gospel, as we've ministered across Canada for 35 years in Churches, Conferences, Concerts, Banquets & Hospitals ect… Never taking up an offering, charging admission, charging a fee or asking for an honorarium when it involved ministry! And yes, we believe that a workman is worthy of His hire, as we understand that to being in His service, as He knows everything about us, and He knows all our needs before we even ask. He always took care of us, we've always had a place to sleep, food to eat, clothes on our back and a vehicle or two to get around with. All our needs always met, yet at times we’ve fallen short on our greed’s and along our journey we’ve learned "To Be Content!"

Our Business is First to be about The Father' Business

One day we both knew that this Book was not to be sold at any price. But rather to given away with no price attached – And a person wanting a book may or may not chose to give something for a book. Being that’s it’s a testimony of what the Lord has done in our lives. Our Hope is that it encourages many to Seek His Face for themselves and desire His purposes and Destiny for their lives. For His good pleasure!

We don't recommend comparing yourself to others who have more, but we do recommend being thankful and grateful for what one has. In that, you can never be disappointed as both Sharon as I have always felt the need to be about doing The Father' business! A part of our everyday life is to be available as we have been in the marketplace, self-employed, in business during most of our married life. We feel it gave us the flexibility we need to be about our Father's business!

So that when God is moving in our hearts to minister, we were able to obey and experience first-hand, His Kingdom. We have also been blessed with marketing contracts throughout out our marriage as He has asked us to move, close to 20 times in our 33 years of marriage! It’s never been easy, but in looking back, it’s certainly created spiritual growth as the flesh and the comforts of life have no choice by to take second place to God! It's not about formulas or who we believe God is. It’s about Jesus the Word of God. It’s not allowing ourself to follow every wind of doctrine! It’s just about being intentional every day, to spend time seeking His face and being available while listening and obeying His Still Small Voice.

Just like Sharon was intention to smile at this lady or how Sharon and I heard and obeyed to give $330 to Manly Hodges the Man of God walked by Faith, no monthly salary, who needed a water pump for his well! We are simply to obey His Still Small Voice and in doing so we advance The Kingdom of God by Faith for the wellbeing of others! It’s certainly not about advancing your own Kingdom or agendas.

For us the number 3, 33 or 333 became very significant for Sharon and I, as God used those number countless times as a confirmation in our 33 years of marriage. God blessed me with Sharon as my helpmate. Our spending quiet time in prayer has always been priority to both of us. At times during a period of my life, God would wake me up at exactly 3:33 AM without the use of any alarm! I would wake up from a dream, knowing that He wanted me to get up, seeing it was 3:33 am, I knew exactly what I needed to do. The key is obedience, to first get out of your cozy warm comfortable bed and purposely decide to spend some quality time with the Lord!

Chapter Four – Growing Up

My name Jean Pierre (means John Peter) Joseph Langlois was born in Montreal, Canada in 1954. The baby of the family with one sister and 3 brothers, with my oldest brother was 17 years older than myself. All my life I never saw my father or mother argue once. He was unlike most, he didn't smoke, didn't drink, never raised his hand in anger against anyone in the family! He was a good provider and worked for the Federal Government with St. Lawrence Seaway as Chief Accountant since 1958, living in Cornwall, Ontario. Dad loved his wife, his children and the Catholic church where he gave faithfully 10% of his earnings! Dad sacrificed to make sure we always had everything we needed and more!

As a young child. I can still remember nights where I was terrified of the dark, and then all of sudden I would experience an awesome presence in my bedroom, where I knew that everything was going to be just fine! It was like being surrounded in a bubble of protection, until the sensation filled every part of my being, my head, then my chest, then my legs, and then in every part of my being until this good feeling would be more than I could stand; it felt like I was about to explode! I remember saying "That's too much God" and the sensation would subside slowly and gently, as I would fall asleep having no fear whatsoever! It wasn't until 20 years later that I knew that these unusual visitations were Godly. I always kept my eyes closed, yet I just knew I was safe. All a result of much prayer from my Mom!

In the Catholic School system, the Nuns were our Teachers. Because of my unusual singing gift as the age of 9. A boy with a soprano voice, it was suggested to my parents that the Nuns take me under their guidance, and they convinced my parents to enroll me in professional music and singing lessons! Finances were never an issue as my father was Chief Accountant for the St Laurence Seaway. Federal Government. I also played organized sports at a high level! All that time singing solos in Concerts, Midnight Mass, Weddings and Funerals. The Catholic Church strongly suggested that I be sent away to the Elite Boys Choir and private school! With my objection I declined, yet I continued to sing locally in the Catholic Church from the age of 9 to 15, at which time my interest quickly became girls!

Both my parents were very loyal to one another, to their children and to the Church for over 50 years of marriage! Even with all this support, I strayed at the age of 17, in my first year of College. Drugs, alcohol and girls were very evident in my life on weekends! Weekend partying soon included weekdays, I was partying seven days a week! Partying became expensive; the next thing you know I was selling marijuana which led me to become a Drug Dealer selling large quantities of Hashish by the Kilo!

Chapter Five -Influenced by the World

As a young teenager, now spreading my wings from being influenced by the Church to now having only my own brothers to look up to, which led me in their footsteps. With my oldest brother Gilles, he was a card, a Bartender most of his life and loved to gamble! My mother would always say to him "Gilles my son, you are the only person I know who can have $100 in his pocket with no stores open and you can come back broke after just going around the block!" That was Gilles, happy go lucky, always looking to have fun and he was also a smooth talker! In fact, he even talked my parents into allowing him to have all night illegal card games in their home for years continuously on his professional 8 Player Card Table with clients coming and going from Friday evening straight through until late Sunday in the somewhat finished basement in the mid 60's! Free Food and Drinks for everyone has he took 10% off every pot.

Gilles also loved to play anything for money including Billiards, Golf and of course Racehorses! He even convinced my parents and influenced them to participate and drive him to Montreal, a 90-minute drive, once a week to gamble at Blue Bonnet Racetrack! Next thing you know, my Father, a Chartered Accountant for the Federal Gov't and my innocent praying mother started going for years, gambling at the Track! In their innocence they made Friday night their date night with a limit of spending $60 max! Yet they would win more often than lose by mostly placing bets on horses finishing 2nd or 3rd place!

The Racetrack and the Horses eventually became a big part of Gilles' life and he moved back to Montreal where he worked at the Track as a Trainer's helper! He hung around those circles, and of course they all loved to play cards! While working at the track, in his own funny way, Gilles came up with an idea to somewhat fix some races where longshots with 20 to 1 odds or better, helping a slower horse to run faster, beating the odds with a natural enhancer that would be untraceable as an illegal substance!

Gilles' way of fixing a race was with a 2 Lt Bottle of Canada Dry Ginger Ale and some baking soda in the horses' oats! It was sweet tasting, with most Thoroughbred Horses being very high strung, and as they pranced, making their way to the Starting Gate, their bouncing up and down resulted in being very effective, making the horse gas up sort of speak and want to head back to the Barn quickly! You can only imagine the baking soda reacting with carbonated pop in a 97 degree, dark moist stomach.

He was also a compassionate gentleman, a nice guy, a good crook, never wanting to cause the horse any long term affects! But he saw no harm to the horse experiencing a little discomfort for an hour or so in order that he could earn more winnings! That was Gilles, always playing games but never owned much of anything of value and the expression " Never had two nickels to rub together!" fit Gilles to a T!

My second oldest brother Rene, my birthday was the same as his on September 30. He was exactly 15 years older and never did leave Montreal! He was a woman's man, in fact, he married 3 times and his current wife was less than half his age. He too lived a life of crime in Montreal, at first robbing drive-thru food joints after partying late at night on his way home! That progressed to robbing banks with a gun!

Sounds crazy but he too was a card, easy going, usually non-violent, always thought of ways for the perfect crime! One day he thought he could be a nice guy, without hurting anyone and rob a bank! His idea was to select a bank with a One-Way Street, get out in the middle of an intersection, fire downward at the street where it would cause an instant traffic jam and then there was a street with no traffic for a clean get-a-way without getting into any conflict with the Police!

Eventually Rene was shot in the leg while trying to escape the scene on foot and spent 2 years in prison. He told our Mom that he moved to California to enjoy life and play golf! Rene thought that my Mom would believe this story, but she knew he wasn't telling the truth. After Rene came out of jail, he became involved with laundering money and owned the biggest Striptease Joint in Montreal across from the Blue Bonnet the Horse Racetrack! He ended up marrying his third wife, one of his Strippers, always living in luxury and he too fits another expression, "Never worked an honest day in his life!"

My other brother Rejean, 6 years older than myself, worked for the Ontario Provincial Police, as a Dispatcher and his circle of friends which included drug dealers where he could notify them on any planned drug bust that could affect them! One day, during one of these Drug Busts, on my brother’s day off, he happened to be at one of his friends during a Drug Raid! One of his fellow officers seeing him, suggested that he quickly leave the scene and they would cover for him to keep his job! Rejean answered “These are my friends, I’m staying” making a choice and lost his job! One thing I realized later is you find more loyalty amongst thieves than in the church where it seems to be every man for himself!

My three brothers made it very easy for me to enter a life of crime! I was involved in the drug trade for 10 years until the age of 27, selling large quantities of hashish and marijuana! I travelled in troublesome circles and circumstances, taking chances with my life, but I thank God for my praying mother who knew about my lifestyle, yet never said a word to me or judged me for it! Going to a local Community College, still living at home, my praying Mom knew more than I thought she knew! Instead of getting rid of my personal stash, she would take it out of my jean pockets to wash them, put the drugs on my dresser with my rolling papers just to let me know, and never saying a word about it! I just knew that she was praying for me for my protection! She loved the Lord and her Prayers were very powerful!

In 1977, being completely bilingual, I graduated from St. Lawrence College with a marketing degree with two other major subjects; management and accounting so I was hired right out of school by The Canadian National Bank and moved to Ottawa! I kept on dealing drugs even though I had a good paying job! Once you're in the game, your clientele keeps growing and its easy money, it's hard to quit and to give up that lifestyle, the mysterious, the adrenaline rush and the extra money!

With me dealing in College, I was very careful and some of my friends that I went to High School with or played golf with were part of the Cornwall City Police Force and they would warn me about drug raids at Pubs and Bars where I was selling! I was always able to leave before the raids to avoid getting busted!

Unlike most people, drugs, alcohol and partying was something I could afford to do on a regular basis. I always partied hard and everyone who was around me did as well, many times my treat! The next thing that happened is I had a serious girlfriend in Ottawa, we moved in together and then married in 1979! Partying became our lifestyle every weekend and the relationship was built on lust, having all the best things in life; drugs, booze, restaurants, clubs, nothing close to a loving relationship! This shallow existence soon felt empty for both of us and finally on Dec 31, 1981, at the biggest party night of the year New Year’s Eve, we separated and for the next 9 days, I started questioning my life, remembering my Mom and especially the time as a child when I sensed the awesome presence of God in my bedroom!

On Jan 10,1982, after reflecting on my life, I knew that I was sick and tired of being sick and tired! I was playing games with my life, - Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll! I was stoned out of my mind, completely gone under the influence! One toke is all you needed of the best black Afghan Hashish.

I sold Hashish a regular basis! I said these words out loud as if God could hear me, "God, if You are real, then show me so that these drugs won’t affect me and I'll be in my right mind!" Immediately it was as if I had never had any, catching my attention, alone in my living room, I recall feeling the same presence as when I was a young boy, afraid of the dark, with the same sensation I felt in my bedroom as a child.

This awesome presence of comfort showed up! As I pondered the reality of God, I asked Him to reveal Himself to me, whoever He may be! At this point I still was not feeling any effect of the drugs! It was almost unbelievable, but I knew without a doubt that God was real! So, then I asked Him out loud, "Who are you and how do I find you?" I heard His audible Voice with my ears.

I was sure it was God Himself in a gentle and yet with authority not just a suggestion saying to me, "Pick Up the Yellow Pages!" At first, I questioned what I heard but then my party logic seemed to kick in! Well after partying all night people get hungry, so you pick up the yellow pages turning to order Chinese or a Pizza! So, in that instance it made perfect sense. I guess if you want to find God you turn to yellow pages to the church section! If anyone was to know anything about God, they’d certainly know!

Meanwhile, still not having picked up the yellow pages, I heard the voice again, " Pick Up the Yellow Pages!" This time a Still Small Voice moved from my head to my heart, yet I knew the distinctive force behind the voice! It was like I recalled the sensation from when I was a young boy! It could only be God!

I casually flipped through the pages to churches. Being raised Catholic I knew no other place to look! I called the number that seemed to catch my eye! After introducing myself and asking them who God was, how do I find Him, they proceeded to tell me that they were really busy today and couldn't see me until the next day! I asked them to tell me who God was over the phone and they said they usually like to meet in person. After trying to convince them otherwise with a few insulting "choice swear words," I hung up!

I called 2 more places and received the same result! No one wanted to tell me who God was over the phone! During this time, I became quite emotional and quite upset. I was weeping and sobbing uncontrollably throughout this episode, and once I somewhat regained my composure, I continued all the time still talking to God and hearing the same thing, "Pick Up the Yellow Pages!" All 3 previous times I would turn the pages and intentionally find what I thought was a saintly name, that seemed to be the right one, but I received the same result, hanging up with a few "choice colorful words!"

Finally, at my end, I heard His Still Small Voice again! This time, feeling fully frustrated, I threw the yellow pages on the coffee table and the book opened up and my eyes never scanned the pages, looking to only one phone number. I called "100 Huntley Street" and the person on the other end of the phone was very kind, considerate and informative and very quickly I was told who God was!

In a twinkling of an eye, I knew that what he just told me about Jesus Christ was true! I knew that He loved me and gave His life for me on the cross and on the 3rd day rose again! Then he asked me if I would receive Him in my heart! We prayed together and it was like I had a direct line to Heaven, and someone was home! Immediately a wonderful transformation occurred inside of me! I felt light, the heaviness gone, peace all around me like the feeling I experienced God as a child in my bedroom! It was at this time that I promised God that I would never sell drugs again!

Then came my first test and I really needed the money! I was in Ottawa and the next day I received a phone call from Vancouver BC. That's how far I’d become known for having the best Hashish.

High quality Hashish through my Montreal connections. Peter was interested in buying 1 kilo, 1,000 grams or 2 ¼ lbs. I had known Peter for 14 years, since High School, and normally we talked code on the phone! When he asked me, I answered, "Peter, I don't sell drugs anymore, I gave my heart to Jesus, man!" Peter hesitated for a moment and then said, "Wow man, that must be really good shit!" After me speaking only about God, we finally said goodbye, but I don’t think he ever did believe me!

Chapter Six - Career Moves to Alberta

No longer selling drugs I now needed a job, so I prayed and that week I was going to pick up my x-wife's cousin at his work! I was going up in an elevator and this guy was going down! He looked weird and offered me a job because he heard of me through my x-wife's cousin that I spoke French and he was doing a promotion in Hull, Quebec, just across the Ottawa river! Somehow this guy looked way too weird for me, so I never paid any attention to him!

His name was Steve and he was a compulsive gambler in everything. Billiards, Bowling, Golf, Horse Racing, Cards or betting on Sports! It was not out of the norm for him to lose $2,000 to $3 ,000 a couple of times a week! I was used to being around gambling with my two oldest brothers! I saw this all my life! Besides, I love to gamble myself as it seemed to be in my family bloodline.

My initial prayer was that I could find a great job and make good money! A couple of days later I still had no job, so I asked God why and I heard this Still Small Voice say, "I gave you a Job!" My thought was, you mean that guy! Well I decided to go back and see if the job was still available! He suggested we go meet at the bowling alley and talk where he was going to be bowling with a co-worker for a little friendly betting as they played for $100 per game. After a while he asked me to join them! With having played in a league it was easy money as he could only beat me 1 out of every 10 games. I really needed the coin and after a while he convinced me to take the Job. Soon gambling got involved which included golf and I loved golf and I won 99% of the time and that too was easy money, better than selling drugs!

I only worked 5 or 6 hours a day and gambled after that. The job required doing sales calls to various businesses and the contract was worth $30 each! It was easy selling 3 to 5 contracts every day. I started at 9 am and was done by 2 pm! The owner loved playing golf and so to keep me happy he paid for my golf as a bonus and we played golf every afternoon! The job itself paid me $400 to $500/week clear in 1982!

I also gambled with him, winning at least another $1,000 a week! The winnings all started with golf and bowling and he couldn't beat me at either one. At billiards we were even! And so, I won and won again and again! So much so that I now had more than enough. I didn't need to work! He asked for me to stay on and help him sell in the next town which took me to Woodstock, Ontario. By June 1982, I was earning $600 to $800 per week with sales in Woodstock and London, plus playing golf everyday with the owner! The favor I found in business was uncanny! I expanded the company to Calgary and was earning over $1,000 per week! I was doing so well for the company that I was offered 30% ownership if I stayed on! I knew that the favor I was experiencing could only be accounted as coming from God.

By the time I came to Edmonton my take home pay was $1,700/week! It was like God was cleaning me up gently, changing the dark grey gambling areas of my heart and I knew that I needed to stop taking advantage of Steve's compulsive gambling! One night, bowling in Calgary, we went to the Bowling Alley at 10 pm and at midnight, gave the worker $50 cash to stay open for us till 5 am, where he would sleep! That night I won $27,000, but I would always give half of it back! My justification was, if it he wasn't gambling with me, it would be somebody else! Ironically my brother Gilles had come out west to work for us and in a short order he too was also gambling with Steve since they both were compulsive gamblers! Finally, I had to ask my brother to stop explaining to him that half the money he was winning was mine. By then I owned half the company.

Chapter Seven- Finding Myself

By the time I came to Edmonton I refused to gamble anymore with him but if he wasn't gambling with me, Steve was gambling with others in pool halls and it became very problematic! He was gambling so much that once a very shady guy showed up at the office for a $5,000 cheque that Steve had to ask me to pay on his behalf! So, I wrote a cheque out to Steve, had him endorse the cheque and cashed it for him!

By then I was the Canadian Partner and 51% owner, responsible to report the Corporate financials and the money he was losing. If his gambling wasn't stopped, it would eventually affect his personal income tax, that I in turn, would eventually be my responsibility to submit his portion to Revenue Canada!

Just before expanding the company to Fort McMurray. Then my good friend Sharon and I agreed to lay down the law and the condition if I was to stay on, that Steve would have to quit gambling! So, he promised he would! This wasn't the first time I told him that I'd quit but he never took it seriously, thinking that I would never want to give up the big money! So, it was decided that I was to go to Fort McMurray with the Radio Station, selling the businesses there in a Radio Promotion.

While in Fort McMurray Sharon called me and suggested that I come back to Edmonton for a special meeting, which was by invitation only, for Pastors and Leaders in the Ministry with a modern-day Prophet as the guest speaker from California! I wondered why me, I certainly didn't qualify, I was just an ordinary guy having just given my heart to the Lord twenty-three months prior! I was still in the process of changing and trying to become a better person. But after praying about it, I agreed to go, driving the 4 hours I arrived in Edmonton and Sharon and I made our way to the special function!

We were seated in the very back corner of the room behind the head table. We were so far back that we could only see the sides of the people sitting at the head table! In order to look our way, they would have to turn 180 degrees! Part of the evening included partaking in Communion, so when everyone had their wine cups, mine seemed to have a film of oil on it. I thought it could have been that my cup hadn’t been washed properly! Sharon and I looked at all the other people's cups at our table but found that nobody else had that oil film problem! I decided - Ah it won't hurt me, so I won't ask for another cup! We all broke bread and drank the wine representing the Body and Blood of the Lord!

During Communion and then the meal, this Prophet, the special speaker, Sharon mention’ to me that the speaker was always looking our way and she believed he is looking me! I thought, Not! Right after the meal, he called me out, asking me to stand up and then he had a Word for me! He said that he couldn’t help looking at me and noticing anointing oil flowing off my beard, like on the beard of Aaron, in the Bible. Oil symbolized healing as he prophesied saying “God was going to use me in a Healing Ministry!” He went on saying much more but I was so undone, weeping all the while, never hearing all that was spoken to me. When I sat down, everybody at our table seemed to think this was very special, that knew that only my cup had the oil!

But this was the first time I'd ever been at one of these meetings! I didn't know what to expect or even what the role of a Prophet was, other than what I read in the Old Testament where God talked to them and were shown different places they needed to go or what God wanted them to say or do! The evening was coming to an end so I thought I should go warm up the car because it was a very cold winter.

As I made my way towards the doors, I saw a man. He seemed to somehow have wondered in the banquet hall. He didn't fit in, was wearing dirty clothes and he looked like a street person. Then I heard His Still Small Voice" inside of me, I knew to be the Holy Spirit, the same voice I heard from my living room when I gave my heart to Jesus. I heard God "I want you to pray for him!" The closer I came to this man, I noticed that his hands were crooked and full of arthritis and I could smell his unpleasant odor. I said to God. "I can't do anything for him!" and then I heard "You're right, but I can! All you need to do is be obedient to pray for him!" Then I thought to myself, well, he probably won't want prayer, so I'll be off the hook! I answered and I quietly spoke "Ok Lord, I’ll do that, but I'll ask him first if he wants prayer!"

I approached this man, and I asked him if I could pray for him and he said "Yes" to my surprise! I took his worn-out deformed hands in mine, and such compassion came over me that startled me at first. I began weeping and allowed God's healing power to flow through me into this man. I said very few words and right before my eyes, he was made whole; his hands were healed, he became completely sober. His countenance changed. He thanked me and again I started towards the exit! Immediately on my right I saw another man in a wheelchair, and I heard that His Still Small Voice say " I want you to pray for him? " Doubt entered that very second and I said, "I certainly can't do anything for him, Lord!" The wheelchair became my opposition and then I heard "You can't, but I can - would you pray for him?" Unknowingly, while I was praying for the street person in the very back of the room, I was told after by Sharon, that some of the leaders were praying for him and nothing happened!

I walked toward him and said, "Can I pray for you?" As he said yes as I extended out my hand, without any effort, immediately he stood up effortlessly on his own, maybe for a minute or two! His daughter was with him and confirmed that he had never been able to stand before, even with help and trying to pull himself up! All of a sudden, he fell back in his chair and these words came out of my mouth! "You don’t read the Word do you?" and he agreed and without thinking about what I just said, these other words came out of my mouth " Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God! Until you spend time to read the Word, you'll stay in that wheelchair! " Immediately, he fell back down in his wheelchair and I felt released to leave, so I headed towards the exit doors to warm up the car for Sharon.

Chapter Eight – About My Father’s Business

Learning to recognize His Still Small Voice. One day in my morning prayer time I heard Him again as God wanted me to go to Onoway for business, funny place. I thought On the Way where! Back then Steve was still my Business Partner in CBS Promotions Inc. and he agreed that I go find new business to expand the company even more! Onaway was 60 miles NW.

Besides after looking it up this small community I agreed to obey God His Still Small Voice thinking I was really going to do business for the company. During that time, I was distracted in my personal walk with God with golf and spending time doing things I liked to do! Money wasn't an issue; I could do what I wanted, when I wanted. My secretary, Marie, was a nice-looking young lady that I liked. I had lots of money and I was easily distracted from following God's perfect plan for my life!

Marie played in a women fastball league and it was an interest of mine as well as at the age of 15, for 3 years I had played in a Men's Senior AAA Fastball league. Marie had invited me to come to a weekend tournament in her hometown, a 45-minute drive north from the office. That started the distraction! Soon it had gone too far, she started liking me, having that attention to tell you the truth from having been separated for almost two years from my x-wife, I have to admit, it felt pretty good. It could have easily justifying to want to continue pursuing what I believed at the time to be an innocent relationship!

Without having any sexual intercourse, it's still a dangerous road, as emotions run high! It may seem innocent but there's spiritual ties in the soul realm that could get entangled if a person let it go on! That's when I knew that I had to break it off, before I regretted it. I couldn't deny that I knew in my inner most being that Marie was not the one that God had for me! Not long after that, I knew I needed to drive out to Onoway, for this supposed new business! God knows what we need and exactly when we need it.

I remember driving in on the main road, thinking I was coming to pick up clients for our radio station promotion as I arrived in what was their downtown! First a Motel, then a Church, then another smaller Church, then a Post Office, a Christian Book Store, a General Store with nothing on the other side of the street! Across the main intersection was a Gas Station. I turned the corner thinking there were more businesses! Nothing but houses, as I drove around the block and there, I was again in front of the Post Office and the General Store! I had driven through the entire business section in less than a minute.

Then there I was again in the business section of town with a grand total of 4 Businesses if you count the Post Office. The first time I drove by the 5 Parking stalls were full, this time there was one parking spot right in front of the Christian Book Store! I thought, “Ah, I'll go in and buy some little red New Testaments!” I always like to give them away to hitchhikers or people that never encountered God! That's what I thought, but God had another plan when He instilled those thoughts in my heart to go find new business! It was new business... He wanted me to be about doing My Father’s Business!

In walking in the door of the Book Store, in the back of this very dimly lit room, was an elderly lady sitting at a picnic table! As I walked toward her, my eyes adjusted to the lighting and I could see that there was very little inventory on the shelves, just a few things here and there with a few books and music albums! Yes, that’s right Albums, it was Oct 1983, when I approached her, I saw her face had somewhat of a glow and I just knew that she was a woman of much prayer like my Mom! That's when I heard, "I've been waiting for you!" Wow! That was strange! Waiting for me, I thought! What the heck!

Then I heard her say, "You're a successful businessman from the City and right now you have a girlfriend that you are in a relationship with, and you shouldn't be with ..." As she continued on, as if she knew the current events in my life, as though she had been reading my mail! She proceeded to say that God had a call on my life, and I needed to seek what that was! Well God certainly had my attention to say the least! After sitting with Mavis, she invited me to her home for supper!

A week later I was still there, living in Mavis' home, having just told my partner Steve that I was quitting! At first, he thought I just needed some time off from the business, but a few weeks later I did officially quit CBS Promotions. From that very first day, I never took a paycheck or withdrew any money from the business account! Now all I wanted to do was God's Business! How do you quit when you own 50% of the Corporation with 42 employees? Two weeks later, I signed all the Corporate Documents, selling my shares through our lawyer for $1. (A Loonie today!) Kind of matched what my partner thought I was.

Some might think I had lost my mind, but on the other hand I made up my mind to walk with God together in a new adventure that I believed God had for me! I left all the money in the company bank account even though I could have easily taken my share! When you are willing to make a difficult choice for God, He is always willing to give you a better gift in exchange for your obedience! As just a month before going to Onoway, I felt I needed to buy a guitar and that God was going to teach me how to play.

I always tinkered at the piano having taken lessons between the ages of 11-14. But for some reason now more than ever I wanted a guitar! Two months earlier just before going to Onoway, I remember going to Giovanni Music in Edmonton! In walking in, I looked at all the beautiful high-end guitars, and a salesman approached me. As he introduced himself as Guy, a Frenchmen and proceeded to assist me! I remember these words just came out of my mouth, "I need a guitar and God is going to teach me how to play!"

You should have seen the look on Guy's face as he replied, "What kind of guitar are you looking for? An Acoustic, a Classical or Electric guitar!" My puzzled look indicated to him that I had no clue as I answered I wanted one of these, looking at the most expensive acoustic guitars! He politely told me that the beginner guitars were over in this other section!

After I insisted, he sold me one the most expensive Takamine guitars they had! By then I was living at Mavis' home for a couple of months and I would practice all the time even while talking at the kitchen table! Learning 3 basic chords took patience and time practicing just changing chords quickly. At first it was a very painful slow process as the sound went from making noise to better precise sounds! Mavis and her daughter Alanna always encouraged me. She was an average looking 20-year-old young lady, 8 years younger than myself, still living at home! The whole time she listened to the new songs I was writing every other day! We spent a lot of time together and she enjoyed helping me putting words to different melodies I was getting, writing maybe 30 new songs in the few months that I lived there!

Often, at the house alone, I would answer the phone and it was Mavis’ Bank Manager. It was always the same lady calling asking for Mavis and I'd take a message! Mavis was known in town for being way out there for God! Mavis’ husband, Al had a successful Plumbing Business out of his home. Mavis was able to borrow money from the Bank to start the little Christian bookstore. Offering free coffee to anyone who would come as she'd tell them all about God's goodness! Mavis having borrowed money from the Bank, had always told the Bank Manager that God was going to send someone to pay that loan one day. You can imagine the Bank Manager hearing that story every month for a couple of years!

Not knowing any of this, one day I asked her, telling me that she just paid the interest! So, I asked her how much she owed and ironically it was the same amount almost to the dollar that I had left in my bank account! So, I had the opportunity to pay off the loan completely not knowing what she had told the Bank Manager. Mavis never telling me till after, that God was going to send someone to pay the Bank Loan!

A few years prior to my coming to Onoway, Mavis had also started a controversial Full Gospel Church in this little town of less than 400 people that had 3 other churches in town. Determined to do so, she rented an abandoned little old rundown church building on the outskirts of town and fixed it all up! She found Pastor Ray Sargent who was also a person with much faith and a very good teacher in relationship to everyday life! He was also a man of much Prayer and Fasting! That's where I attended for 5 months and I learnt a lot from this little community about prayer and what true fasting was all about and why fasting was needed in a person's life for effectiveness!

Early one Friday morning I had just finished praying with Mavis and we both felt I needed to buy a sound system and she told me that I needed to drive into the city by faith. Now I needed to believe that God would make a way where there was no way so that this could occur! Remember I had given all my money away! So off I went to visit the same store where six months earlier I had bought my first guitar!

Again, the same salesman Guy approached me and asked me how things were going with my new Guitar! I replied, "Wow, God is Good and I've written over 30 songs and I need a sound system." His startled look said it all, his thoughts probably were "So now this guy wants to amplify the noise he's making!" You have to understand that this man was a polished musician having taken lessons for years! Again, we went through the same thought pattern, wanting to purchase a good sound system! He tried to point out the beginner system! I ended up buying a $3,000 Sound System in February 1984.

I remember the Guy writing the order up, then looking at me saying, "How would you be paying for that?" Then without thinking, I answered,"I'll be back sometime Monday and pay by cash!" I recall driving back to Onoway and telling Mavis who didn't seem concerned one bit! This raised my faith substantially as I heard countless stories of God coming through. It reminded me of all the unexplainable good things that became realities in my life as I encountered God only two year earlier!

It was now Monday morning having spent time in prayer with The Lord in my bedroom. In coming out, Mavis was still sitting at the kitchen table and I started to tell her "While I was praying and reading the Word, I heard that Still Small Voice tell me that Steve was going to phone me and that he needed my assistance in CBS Promotions. He wants me to come back because they needed my expertise etc..." Before I finished talking, the phone rang, and it was Steve! You have to understand that when I left, I was the big joke at the office! Mockingly, he even put on a chalkboard that "JP is gone to God!"

Steve said "The accountant just did the dividends for last year and there's $5,000 coming to you! I'd like to give it to you! I've got to go to LA and so why don't you come with me, the company will pay and we can play a little golf and talk! You can have the partnership back if you want or just do some consulting! I have a few things where I could use your expertise!" and so it was, I met Steve that Monday around 12 PM at the office, went to the bank, cashed a $5,000 cheque and took out a little over $3,000 cash and went and paid for the Sound System! WOW! God is true to those who obey and do what He ask of them, even if it doesn't make any sense to us at the time!

After we got back from LA where Steve was from. He offered me my Shares of the Company back. I refused ownership and agreed to work as a salesman for CBS as a consultant on a straight commission basis and set the rules telling Steve that I was only committing to the job until I felt it was time to leave! And God supernaturally helped me solve this huge problem that should have jeopardized losing the Radio Stations as a sponsor when they received lots of phone calls from the public regarding our promotion. The problem had developed during my 4 months absence where the person who was selling the businesses never had the abilities to communicate and sell new clients properly. He had stretched the truth about how the promotion worked, lying to increase sales to sell more contracts, earning more money for himself!

Just a note, the music store salesclerk, Guy, his wife and their three sons continue to be a part of Sharon and my life today, 35 years later! They know we love the Lord and we've been invited to their home numerous times and I was also instrumental in convincing him to own his own Piano Store 25 years ago!

Chapter Nine - God's Divine Intervention

Here I was, back in Fort McMurray, expanding Steve’s Company. I had checked in to the Motel having worked all day and after work finding myself with all the time I needed to practice with my Guitar. I only knew a few chords and in order to become a better musician, you need to practice switching chords quickly and efficiently in order to get the proper sounds. There I was practicing G and C chords, back and forth for over an hour before it sounded good enough to play an entire song! But one would think, how is two chords possible to write a song! In praying I ask God to give a song. I heard His Still Small Voice – The Holy Spirit and all of a sudden a melody came and the Words to the Chorus “Trust In The Lord Thy God, Holy Spirit, He’ll Show You What To Do, Seek In His Word And You Will Find, Knock and the Door Shall Be Open Unto You!”

My first 2 Chords Basic Song with a great Gospel Message. I recall thinking that it sounded pretty good and so I prayed thanking God for this new Chorus and the words to the Verses started flowing out of my mouth as I sang a verse and the Chorus, over and over till they both fit perfectly. Then I received the second verse and I was amazed and then I received the third verse. I received the entire song is less than an hour! Wow God! Then I sang all three verses with the chorus over and over for the next two hours.

There it was, a complete song with only two chords where I reached up into the Throne Room of Heaven’s and was given supernaturally a song directly from the hand of God! The next morning was Saturday and so I got up and played that song again and again and it sounded even better! After I read the Word and prayed giving thanks to the Lord for this amazing song called "Trust in the Lord!' A perfect title and the words fit a simple Gospel message with just a Two Chord Song! Amazing!

VERSE 1 - You say you Believe, Believe in God - Believe in Jesus That He Died on the Cross - When Troubles Come, it brings in Doubt - Why don't you Believe, Jesus will bring you out! Chorus CHORUS - So Trust in the Lord thy God - Holy Spirit - Umm, He'll show you just what to Do Seek in His Word and You will Find - Knock and the Door, Shall, be opened unto you!

VERSE 2 - So Instead of Complaining, Why Don't You Seek His Face - Not Just for a Moment, but give it What it Takes - No Matter what You Hear, You've got-ta Trust in Him - Cause Your time & His they are Not the Same! Chorus ... So Trust in The Lord Thy God!

VERSE 3 - When Troubles come, which they will Do - It’s those who Believe that Keep Us on Our Knees - And by the Offence causes us to Defend - We need to Forgive so the Father Can Forgive us.

Then being Saturday I thought I'd go for a drive and scout out the business in the town, and when I drove by a Pentecostal church when I heard His Still Small Voice again with a gentle voice, never demanding.

"You are going to sing that song in this church tomorrow!" My thought was wow, now that's crazy and yet I knew the importance of the song and message. I decided to be doing My Father’s Business. As I was experiencing putting My Trust in the Lord Thy God! Why not believe that I would sing His new Song there. Trust in The Lord Thy God - Holy Spirit He'll show you what to do! I decide there and then that I was going to Trust Him, believe what I heard, by faith hat God could do it. All I needed to do was act on it, by going to that church for the Sunday morning service! Then I went back to my room playing and practicing with my heart as if it was really going to sing this Song in the Pentecostal Church!

In got to the church for the 10 am service and I was greeted by the Senior Pastor as he said, “You must be new in Town.” I replied, "Yes I'm working doing a Radio Station Promotion!" Then he asked me where I was from and what church I went to and I told him I attended the Pentecostal Church with Pastor Raddis’ in Edmonton. He knew my Pastor well and he must of thought because I was doing a radio station promo, that I must be a musician as he asked "You wouldn't happen to play music do you, our Youth pastor is away, it would be great if you could play one song for the service tonight!'

And there it was as I answered, "As a matter of fact, I do play Guitar and I'd be more than happy to do that for you!" That was the first time I had ever been invited to minister in a church! From that time on, when I hear His Still Small Voice invite me, I make myself available. After all The Holy Spirit is my Helper and I never have to promote myself as I wait for His Divine Intervention to invite me to do Worship in churches, Minister or Preach the Word! That night I played with all my heart and all my soul, having practiced that song even more that Sunday afternoon. The 7 PM Service and the song went hand in hand with the message that was preached from the Pulpit that night.

I work the following week and then I headed back to Edmonton! But before I went back to Fort McMurray to start the Promotion, I warned Steve, my x-partner at CBS Promotions that if he didn't stop gambling, I was going to quit working for him! By now Sharon and I were engaged to be married, so it was both our decision, as we prayed before we made this commitment to work on a commission basis, I also told Dave, our Office Manager, that if I caught Steve gambling again, I would walk away and quit!

A month later, I drove up to Fort McMurray and I caught Steve in a Pool Hall with $300 on the table and immediately I called Dave the Office Manager in our Edmonton office and I quit and left the business! God had prepared the way a year earlier, when I felt I needed to start a new company and so I had asked Steve if he didn't mind if I opened CBS Sportswear and Ad Specialties Inc. across the hall for our current office! Steve was in agreement, as long as things were working well in his business. But when I quit the favor of God left his business, it wasn't long before his company was no longer making profit! And Steve's gambling continued to affect the financial position as the daily sales dropped substantially!

Sharon worked with me across the hall in our new Company and things got ugly real fast, as his money dwindled, Steve was filled with anger! The fact that Steve did pharmaceutical drugs, strong uppers to get going ever morning and Valium or downers to sleep made things worst! As finances tightened even more, he blamed me and accused me of embezzling, saying I took money from the bank without his OK! Being the Canadian Partner as I still owned 51% of the company on paper, and I was still required to keep all the Records, Corporate filling, all the Cancelled Cheques which showed the cheques that were endorsed by Steve to pay off gambling debts. All those Corporate Records were with Sharon and I, in our CBS Sportswear office across the hall form CBS Promotions, Steve’s office!

One late evening around 10 pm, after Sharon and I had worked on the books since 9 am that morning, I heard His Still Small Voice and I said to Sharon "I want to take all the company records home tonight!" She asked why and I answered, “I just know we need to!” I insisted and so we carried 15 boxes of Corporate documents down the stairs from the second floor! While we were carrying these heavy boxes down to the ground floor, we both had second thoughts until the next morning, someone had break in our office that night to steal all those records. Yet they never broke into the Building, as the front entrance was not broken into, which meant they had to a key. A couple of days later, I found out that Steve was trying to get me in trouble with the Federal and Provincial Governments.

Unknowingly how serious Steve’s company was in financial difficulties, he had someone Break-In that night after we left to steal all the documents. His plan was to accuse me of stealing money from the company numerous times over months before I sold him 100% of CBS Promotion. If I wouldn’t have listened to His Still Small Voice, In destroying the Books and I would have no proof of my innocence.

I being the Canadian Partner being responsible for all the Employee Remittance; Income Taxes, CPP and UIC Contributions. Steve was the American Partner, not allowed to own the majority share of any Canadian Company. Without those company records I would have been in big trouble! These intense attacks continued as Steve tried everything possible to get me in trouble which included filing all Gov’t paperwork. I was always one step ahead of him as in my prayer time I would hear His Still Small Voice softly direct me what to do next. Completing my obligations to the various Gov’t Departments. This frustrated Steve even more, to the point where he convinced John, the blind man who God had healed that I was now planning to defraud the Child Betterment Society that I help start. Remember I was still was part of the Board of Directors and I had signing authority at that Bank. Yet I had never made any withdrawals or signed any cheques, I only invested money in the Kids Camp.

The next day after the Break-In, when I got to the office, I was the only one finger-printed! They said it was to eliminate my prints, but I had 3 other people with access to the office including Sharon but none of them were ever finger printed! I knew that this was nothing short of a nightmare! Steve’s X-Partner had told me that Steve had been the head of an LA Prostitution Ring, where they had asked Steve to leave because of his gambling problem! He was very dangerous and capable of getting people to hurt me! Edmonton also had a reputation and was known as little Chicago! Hanging around Pool Halls, Steve would have met many local shady Characters! Dave our former manager, one time had informed me that Steve at first only wanted to have someone shoot me my Knees off, to later wanting to have me killed!

Unbelievable, but it was all happening right before my eyes! Then Steve somehow paid someone in Ottawa and framed me for a different Kids Camp! John had even convinced the RCMP that I had defrauded another Kids Camp in Ottawa for $965,000. They somehow had a file in Ottawa which including a notation of a cheque being recorded in the files to another company that I supposedly owned while was living in Ottawa. But that big cheque was never found or proved, yet now I was also being investigated by the RCMP K Division in Ottawa for that crime!

I knew that Steve was capable, so I could do nothing else but go in hiding. I have to admit Sharon and I were both a little troubled by it. Until one night at 3 am the Lord woke me up from a dream. Before this dream, it seemed to be even more troubling indicating that my life was in real in danger. But in praying about this, being warned in a dream, I was also led to a couples of verses from the Old Testament which basically implied that if Steve didn't leave me alone, that God would destroy him!

Right then I also knew that I was to call Steve and read these 3 Scripture Verses to him over the phone! But first I needed to call Dave our Office Manager and tell him what I was about to do! Dave first warned me that the call could be traced! Yet I continued to explain that it was Ok - In fact I was calling to give Sue, Steve's wife, my phone number where I could be reached. I just knew that Sue would want to call me! Believing that when God was going to do whatever He was planning to do that Sue would call. I proceeded to assure Dave that I was going to be fine, telling him what God had showed me to talk to Steve. I reminded Dave of all the times our business had problems and I would pray and that God would always show me how to resolve every individual business problems!

I kept reminding Dave that God always came through! So here I was again with another problem, that needed be solved by God! Dave asked me what I thought God was going to do to Steve! I reassured him that I had no idea, but that we would both know when it happened, we would know that it could only be God and when it did, he was to give Sue my phone number! Dave was also to tell her to tell Steve to stop coming after me and whatever was happening to him would go away! Again Dave asked me what was going to happen to Steve. I told him that I had no clue, but we would both know that it was God’s doing.

When Steve and I first met two years before, he knew I was a Believer and we often talked about God. So right there and then I called Steve at home and to my surprise, he listened without interruption and then I read him the verses from the old testament! After I was done, he laughed about it, as to be mocking God! So, I politely warned him and said goodbye and hung up the phone.

Within a couple of hours, I got a phone call from Sue as she said, "Take this curse off my husband!" In her hysterically frame of mind it was impossible to explain what I told Dave to tell her. Dave had just given her my phone number without explaining that it was God he was fighting, not me and whatever was happening to Steve would go away if Steve left me alone! Finally, Dave called Sue and explained all that I told him to say! Then Dave called me back and informed me that Steve was at the Hospital with a tumor the size of a man's fist. The next thing I heard another X-Ray was done and the tumor was gone!

Immediately Steve thought that the first time it was a wrong diagnosis, with no more pain, so he went to leave the hospital to come after me and he collapsed as he got to the parking lot, thinking he could get in his car and come after me. They rushed him back in the hospital, this time he had the Flesh-Eating disease! He was being eaten from the inside out! Not hearing anything more, Sharon and I just knew that it was OK for us to go to the office the next morning! That afternoon Steve walked into my office as if nothing had ever happened! He asked me for $500, so that he could go back to the USA and Steve said I could have all the assets in our old office and I never heard from Steve again!

It was amazing to say the least, God's supernatural intervention in the midst of utter devastation which surrounded me on every side! I remember looking skyward talking to God and said " Ok Lord! Where ever you lead God, I'm in! No questioned asked!" Still with the RCMP’s investigation of my defrauding a Kids Camp in Ottawa, so I called them and asked if they were looking for me! After waiting on the phone, I was told that they had no file. John the X Jail Keeper who personally talked to RCMP about that file was also told it no longer existed! The fact still remains that God did what He did for me and I'll never understand or question why He first told me to work for this guy, but I can never deny all the events that took place and the Power of God delivering me from the hands of my Enemy!

Chapter Ten - My Husband to Be through Sharon’s Eyes

Jay, became my Husband on July 19, 1986. I grew up in a small town in Alberta, NE of Edmonton. My family owned the Willingdon General Store in a little town which serviced the farming community in the outlying area! At the age of 10, I cried out to my Heavenly Father as I felt like an orphan. My father was an alcoholic, my Mother was always sick and on heavy medications and later had cancer. My oldest sister had MS, and the three other sisters, one older was mentally challenged, and my two other younger sisters, one sister became an alcoholic at a very young age attempting suicide numerous times throughout her life, ended up in Mental Care facility, and my youngest sister who became like her daughter. I also had one older brother 10 years older who moved to University in Toronto.

The way I processed what was happening in my family. I had 2 parents who were there in body but couldn't really be there for me or the kids emotionally. I only knew this family needed someone to take care of all the needs of my 4 sisters and my father and mother.

I became a mother to all these kids with all these desperate daily needs! God became my "everything!" I could not count on my parents, so I ran to my "Daddy God" and became a "Rock" for my family! At 14, with only my Learner's - Driver License, I was placed in a position driving my father to Edmonton, a two hour drive one way to the wholesalers on a weekly basis as Dad had lost his Driver's License from getting caught driving while under the influence of alcohol.

We needed to go to purchase supplies often as we sold everything needed for a small community from groceries, snacks, work clothes, boots, hardware, even having to mix paint! I not only ran the front end of the store but was involved with every aspect of maintaining proper inventory! What a responsibility I had at such a young age including taking care of a needy home and a dysfunctional family!

My mother and father split up and Mom and with the 4 girls moved to Edmonton where I finished my last year of High School. As my faith became more evident for the things of God, my father was willing to pay for my post-secondary education providing it had nothing to do with Bible School! With that I still insisting to go to Northwest Bible School, so I worked part time and paid for all my studies including a year at Christ for the Nations Bible College in Dallas, Texas. I returned to Edmonton in May 1983 for my sister's Funeral who passed away from MS! Ironically, Jay had just started selling his new promotion in May of 83, but never met me, even though he went to our church and knew my younger sister Janet. I went back to finish her summer semester in Dallas and returned to Edmonton at the end of the summer!

That summer while I was in Dallas while running track and kind of praying at the same time, I heard His Still Small Voice telling her to intentionally start praying for the "husband" and the "children" that I was going to have. As I was walking back to my apartment, again I heard His Still Small Voice telling me to go home and write down "characteristics of my husband to be" that God was going to give me. So, God gave me a list of 10 things, as I wrote them down on paper. These characteristics were very specific - one of them said that he would be very influential in my younger sister's singing career, he would also be close to my Dad as they would play golf together and her husband would be Financially Stable. All these very specific things later became true! I return to Edmonton in the fall of 1983!

Upon my return to Edmonton I began hearing His Still Small Voice, gentle but loud and clear, telling me to "Go buy a Wedding Dress!" and that seemed very unusual since there was, no guys in my life that I would consider dating, never mind marrying! These thoughts continued to become stronger until I came to an agreement with God! "Ok God, I'll go look, but under one condition!" My fleece was... "Nobody can ask me my wedding date!" In my own thoughts I didn't want to lie or feel awkward trying on wedding dresses, since I wasn't dating anybody, certainly no wedding date!

I went to 3 wedding shops and not one asked me about the wedding date as I tried on all kinds of dresses. Finally, I found a dress, perfect fit, no alterations whatsoever and it was on sale. The sale clerk asked me if I would like to put it on layaway. I agreed as I had a long time to pay it off! Giving $50, immediately in stepping out of that store I heard His Still Small Voice, "Sharon, since you've been obedient in this step, now I'm going to show you your Husband!" All of a sudden, a tremendous peace and confidence filled my entire being, knowing that God was really going to show me my Husband!

Chapter Eleven - God's Me for Marriage Written by Sharon

In the fall of 1983, unknowning to me at the time that Jay my husband to be ended up in Edmonton with his company CBS Promotion Inc., He owned half with an American Partner bringing their company out west from Ottawa, They were very successful with 42 employees promoting Radio and TV Stations across Canada! He was earning $6,500/month take home pay after taxes! This was one of the ten characteristics that God had me write down. That Husband would be Financially stable.

At the same time my youngest sister - Janet – I was more than just her big sister, I was like a mom to her, always taken care of her as she was growing up, because of the dysfunction of our parents! One day I heard Janet sobbing at the piano and came downstairs to comfort her asking her what was wrong! She had written a wedding song for me and she heard His Still Small Voice, "God had just told her that I was getting married soon! He gave her a song to prepare Janet. The name of the song This is my Thank You Song for You!"

In April of 1984, still not knowing who my Husband to be was, Jay also wrote a wedding song that he was to sing at one of my best friend's wedding! Janet and I were good friends of both the Bride and the Groom and unknowingly Jay was a good friend of the Bride’s Father and was also invited to the wedding! Janet knew Jay as he went to our church, but I had never met him till that day at the wedding where Janet introduced him to me and from that time on we became friends. I was 4 years older than Janet. Jay and I had a lot of things in common, yet we very seldom did meet by ourselves! Jay and I always met other young adults from the church circles! I used to pray with Jay for him and his x-wife that they’d get back together. We used to also sing together at various Christian functions!

One day, after Jay had played 63 Holes of golf in a tremendous heat wave and high humidity! That’s Three 18 Hole rounds plus another 9 Holes. It was preplanned that Jay join me with and a number of friends at Boston Pizza that evening in an airconditioned building! After sitting at the restaurant for over two hours and as Jay attempted to get up, two vertebrates in his back instantly pushed through the muscles, which are normally there for strength and support! Instantly incredible pain rushed through his lower back! I asked if I could pray for him that night and as quick is pain came, it was gone. The next morning the pain was worst and he ended up being bedridden for a few weeks! Having tried everything possible, acupuncture, acupressure, chiropractor, nothing worked.

I understand that it would take him 20 minutes just to go ten feet, from the time it took to roll off his bed and crawl to the bathroom and back! Every move was extremely painful! I remember saying to Jay that "Golf is your God!" I was serious about God, with him at the time, God took the back seat in his life! He loved God because of all that God had done for him, but it was still about him, his Trinity. "Me Myself and I", not The Trinity! Although he was very generous with given money and things to people, golf did consume much of his time seven days a week!

I would visit check on him at his home from time to time! I had told him that my mother was healed of cancer and was written in the medical journal as an "unexplainable miracle!" That's when he became determined to stay in bed and read my Bible until God healed him. A couple of weeks after that day, he woke up, no more pain whatsoever as if I never had a back problem. He believed his Healing was a Miracle from God. That’s when he was determined to serve God wholeheartedly.

Chapter Twelve - Fulfilling The 10 Characteristics Written by Sharon

By the time Jay and I met in the summer of 1984, we had both learned to hear and obey His Still Small Voice no matter how crazy it sounds, regardless how much it contradicted common sense or our worldly understanding. It could only be accounted to be a … God Thing done by Faith. Done by God’s supernatural power which we both experienced to be unexplainable by our natural minds.

Hearing His Still Small Voice was something both Jay and I were very accustomed to hearing, where we would listen and obey, whatever the Holy Spirit told us to do. Did we always do what we heard the Holy Spirit told us. No, but one soon realizes that you miss the mark, you ask for forgiveness, pick yourself up and walk out your salvation with fear and trembling. Finding the Reverence for God that is needed to walk in your destiny. In time and the through obeying His Still Small Voice and doing what you heard the Holy Spirit tell you, you just come to know the more you experience God by Faith. As the Word of God says, “Faith is the Substance of things hope for the evidence of thing not yet seen!”

I knew we were to marry Jay, long before our engagement! One day at my home, Jay asked Janet my younger sister what she wanted to do with her singing career! Uncertain, Jay asked her, “Have you ever thought of being on a Gospel recording label!” She replied, “That would be nice!” Right there and then he asked if he could use our phone! He called Word Records, asking to speak to the President Grant Sypes and told him that he owned CBS Promotions, his business with Radio Stations and proceeded to arrange a meeting with Word Records for 2 days later in Vancouver whose criteria was to promote Gospel Music! After Jay arranged for Janet to meet the President of Word Records and I agreed to drive out with them to Vancouver! That day Janet was offered a contract with their Image 7 Record Label!

Upon returning home to Edmonton after that trip, I was relaxing with Janet and heard His Still Small Voice gently to tell me to show Janet the 10 characteristics that God had told me to write down about who my husband was to be! In showing Janet and I said, “Janet, does this fit anybody in my life” and she answered “Yes. You know who this is!” The Vancouver trip fulfilled another one of the ten specific characteristics. As we were talking about it, I laughed like Sarah would have in the Bible - when she was told she was going to have a baby in her 90's. I laughed like this because I never would have entertained this if God wouldn’t of have me write down the characteristics, since Jay was still legally married.

But then I heard His Still Small Voice “Sharon sit back and watch Me unfold all this!” My sister Janet and I both knew that I was to be her husband, but never told anybody else! Jay was still separated from my wife at the time, yet I knew that Jay was to be my Husband. I used to pray for Jay and my wife to get back together! Now I had mixed feelings! At first, I certainly had no intentions of marrying a divorced man since I had never been married before, continuing to wait for "God's choice" waiting for 27 years for my husband. Very quickly God started changing my heart about divorced men until I agreed to be open minded of me being her husband!

One day during my prayer time I asked God "How is this possible, as we pray together to see him be restored to his wife!" Again, I heard His Still Small Voice "Sit back and watch Me!" So I made a decision to sit back watch God put this together as I continued to pray in agreement with Jay, for his will and his desire to be back with his x-wife all the while I honored Jay without going against what my will was at any time! Until one day Jay invited me, my sisters and mother to his ranch for the day and supper. A beautiful home complete with an indoor pool. All this time I was willing to sit back and watch. As I waited for God to put it together without ever even hinting to Jay about the 10 characteristics of who was to be my husband! With Faith being the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not yet seen and still to come! It's easy to say to trust God, but are we willing to wait for that appointed time no matter how long it takes for it to come to pass without spilling the beans to help the situation along.

That Sunday evening, just before we were ready to leave! As usual I asked Jay if I wanted to pray for his wife! I agreed. This was his prayer, "Father, Your Will be done in my life, not mine regarding Denise! Amen!" I am still shocked as I looked at him as he continued to say, "I have nothing more to say, we've prayed together for a long time and nothing has ever happened! I'm sure God heard me! Hey, I'm going to be in the city on Wednesday, would you like to go out together for supper at 7pm!" I quickly answered Yes, and it was done! Jay said all this without really thinking about what he was saying! At that point, he certainly wasn't thinking that it was a date!

And immediately a thought came to Jay! “Sharon will certainly make someone a wonderful wife! Whoever gets her will be blessed!" In that very instant he heard His Still Small Voice -The Holy Spirit "She's going to be your wife!" He knew that voice from the first time he heard it in my living room, when he received Jesus as my Lord and Savior! He couldn't deny it but wondered how God was going to do it! Somehow, he knew I was going reveal it to him on our first date.

Meanwhile I was driving back and heard His Still Small Voice – The Holy Spirit saying to me... "This is a date" and “On Wednesday I want you to share the 10 characteristics of your husband to be!" Unknowingly on his end, God was telling him that He would confirm it and that I was to tell him that he is to be my husband after I share something with Jay on that date that I was to be his wife! On Jay’s end, he said, "Ok Lord, if this is truly You, then she is going to tell me that I'm to be her husband! While I'm asking, I don't want to bring baggage from both sides, if she is truly my wife then I believe that she is going to be a Virgin!" Jay believed that God could do all this, if it was truly of God!

This was the Labor Day weekend in September, Monday being a holiday we would have with no communication until Wednesday when Jay was to pick me up. Meanwhile Jay arrived at the office around 10 am on Tuesday and there it was, a brown envelope, with uncontested divorce papers that Jay and I through prayer, in times past, had hindered from being received. But now Jay’s prayer had changed. God knows everything about our lives, past, present and future. So, when we prayed that last time, the divorce was already in motion and the legal papers on the way from Ottawa to Edmonton, over 2,000 miles away!

Wow, that was a quick answer to Jay’s prayer "Your Will be done, not mine!" Then peace of God filled Jay, reminding him when he was afraid of the dark as a child! A peace that surpasses all understanding, Jay said it felt right and as soon as he opened the envelope and saw what it was, he said that he heard His Still Small Voice - The Holy Spirit, "See, I told you, Sharon is going to be your wife!"

Chapter Thirteen - God is Faithful Seen Written by Jean Pierre (Sharon calls me Jay)

So here we were Wednesday. I had picked Sharon up with the evidence, the brown envelope distinctly noticeable between my bucket seats and the counsel! As I casually handed it over to her and saying, "I received these this morning at work!" But nothing, no response as she didn't know if I was sad or happy!

In the meantime, without showing any emotion on the outside, her heart was leaping for joy as right there she was beginning to see how this was beginning to unfold and how God was so "in it all!" You would have probably thought that now she would have begun sharing what God told her to share with me. But No response! She kept avoiding the topic as she still was feeling out the entire situation and trying to figure out how I was really feeling!

You can only imagine the anticipation what we both were experiencing at the time! Not knowing what the other was thinking or how everything was going to unfold, yet we both believed what God was telling us individually! My meal was terrible, I’m not in for spicy food, the conversation was shallow and there was a great anticipation in the air! I couldn't wait any longer! That's when I said " Sharon, God told me that you had something to share with me that was going to change my life, so what is it!' Then Sharon said, "I don't know if this is going to complicate your life, so I am going to just share my heart.”

So here goes. “When I was in Dallas, at Christ for the Nations Bible College, God told me 10 characteristics of who my husband was to be! " as she handed me the original paper of who her husband to be, and I read them. As she was sharing her heart, it was like a puzzle that had pieces missing and they were all coming together. And at that moment we both just knew that we were to be together and I said, "Since we are going to be married, I guess we should start dating!" And yes, that was my proposal!

Over the next 20 minutes and somewhat coming down from the shock of what just happened, I forgot my other fleece I had asked God as to if Sharon was truly to be my wife! She was to be a virgin! And so I said, "Oh ya, there's one more thing, when I asked God to confirm all this - I told God if I married again, that I didn't want to make another mistake, I asked Him if this was truly You Lord, you would be a Virgin!" She replied, "Well, you're looking at a 27-year-old Virgin!" That's a miracle and there's no way to dispute what had all been pre-told to both of us by God Himself before it even took place!

So, after the next portion of the evening, the conversation changed to electric to say the least! Wow! Talk about God getting involved in two people's lives that both trusted in what they heard in their prayer time! Certainly, you can't make this stuff up which proved to me that God is not dead, He's real, alive and well.

Chapter Fourteen - The Ring that Sealed the Deal Written by Jean Pierre

God is interested in every detail of our lives if we are willing to let Him in to even the smallest details! I drove her home that evening and walked her to the door! And said,"Thank you very much for the evening" as I kissed her on the forehead and said, "I guess we need to start dating! How about Friday night! I really don't enjoy spicy Mexican food! Do you like Chinese!" and it was set for our first official date! Looking upwards after I sat in the car, I spoke out loud to myself, "Wow! What was that!"

Then as I thought about all that had just transpired. I was in awe, somewhat needing to pinch myself! Friday night, excited that I was going on the first date with my wife to be! Here we were on our first official date, incredible, awesome and specifically designed only by God! You couldn't dream this stuff up and it was certainly beyond any series of coincidences! So, you can imagine, the evening was electric to say the least with so much to say to one another! It was now 8:45 pm and I recall looking at Sharon saying, "I guess that means we're engaged - right? So, we need an engagement ring, right?" Sharon said "Yes, I guess so!"

Then I said, "Remember that VS1 63 pt. Diamond I used to wear!" Sharon's replies, "Yes, why don't you wear it!" I said, "It's not me, it's too much for me to wear! I purchased it at Mapping’s Jeweler’s in Calgary when I first came out west working for Steve. It was the fall in 1982 getting close to Christmas so I decided to buy my Mom Diamond Earrings and saw a man's ring that was beautiful!” Someone had it specially designed and never picked it up, it was worth over $5,000. The clerk then asked me if I wanted to try it on! It fit and she asked me if I want to buy it for $3,000 and that they were also offering a Canada Wide Promotion where I received a lifetime certificate where it could be exchanged against any purchase as long as what I was buying was worth at least $1 more!

In asking Sharon where the closest Mapping’s was, I paid the bill, we hopped in the car and zoomed over there minutes before they were getting ready to close! Going in the store we never noticed the advertising at the entrance featuring the ring of the month! In walking in, I said, “We need an engagement ring!” The clerk eager to earn a commission was willing to stay! Sharon, looking at rings politely asked me what she could look at! I said, "The way this is going; you can pick anything you want!" Without realizing Sharon asked the clerk to try the special of the month setting! It fit perfect, no sizing to do! Then I asked “Do you liked it!” and she replied, “Oh Yah!” Then Sharon said, “I don’t want to seem to pushy but if it not too much to ask, I always desired to wear the engagement ring with one band and then when were married put on the 3rd band!” I answered, "No problem, go for it!" Without us knowing what it would cost, the clerk quickly mentioned that Sharon picked the Ring of the Month which was on sale.

By added all three rings and the price came to exactly $3,001 as there was no tax in Alberta at the time! Exactly $1 more than the certificate I had back at the house! God even gave Sharon the Desire of her heart, because remember, if she picked out the monthly discounted Setting and purchased the engagement ring with ONE additional band. Otherwise it would not have been over $3000 - HE DOES answer the desires of our hearts when our heart is to do His Will, not ours! Of course, the next day we dropped off my ring and the certificate and we picked up the new rings! We were engaged officially and it was sealed by another one of God's miracles in specific detail!

As days went by, we both knew that God had amazingly been involved and yet I needed one more confirmation! It's not that I doubted God. I trusted Him more now than ever!

But somehow, I wanted a confirmation from The Word of God, directly from the Bible! My Birthday was on the 30th of September and somehow, I felt in my spirit that I needed to Fast and Pray, that God would answer me with a Gift from Him on my Birthday! I knew that God would do that for me! I told Sharon what I was about to do, and she agreed and was willing to do that for me, as I was so convinced that I needed to do this! So, after the first week, she asked me if God had showed me anything! I said "no, not yet" and another week passed and still nothing! During this time, we never saw each other but we stayed in contact through phone conversations!

As I continued to fast and pray seeking God, it was like I knew that God was going to do something supernatural on my Birthday and we had planned to invite friends of mine back to the ranch where I lived for a Celebration! One of the families that was very dear to my heart was Mavis and her daughter Alanna who were from a small town, called Onoway, a one-hour drive west of Edmonton!

We invited them and several other friends and Sharon's family to my Birthday Celebration. Mavis came up to me and gave me a scripture which confirmed our situation perfectly in First Corinthians 7:27-28 where a part speaks about, "if your loose from being married to do not seek a wife but if your marry and you marry a "virgin" you have not sinned!" Mavis not knowing that I was seeking a Word from God as confirmation! It couldn’t be any clearer, we both knew that God was blessing our relationship and the covenant we were about to make to one another in our vows before him on our wedding day!

And this union can only be attributed to God joining us together. We never dated in fact we were engaged on our first date! By Faith we both knew that we were to be husband and wife and were willing to wait for His perfect choice for us! God is interested in being part of the details of our lives if we'll allow Him to get involved in every aspect of our lives as He created us so that He could commune and have fellowship with us! Think of this! God is Love. Love is patient and Love works by Faith, it’s worth it, waiting on His Still Small Voice! The obeying Him to do it!

So far in our lives this only highlighted some of what God did for both Sharon and my life individually that I experienced in the first 4 1/2 years after accepting Jesus! For the last 33 years together as One Flesh, as we had the privilege to experienced much more of God's intervention in our lives!