Culture changing Christian Music

In brief this vision/project:

The Holy Spirit is going to rest on some worshipers for a moment or years and the music will be recorded in its full glory and high resolution. The music is free for all to consume and distribute. The world takes notice, tunes-in and in the process the culture is changed. Hallelujah!


Since 2014 I have been recording Praise and Worship excerpts from Kansas City International House of Prayer's 24/7 live stream  to have fresh music to listen to. I also share this music for others to enjoy (however, I realize not everyone has the same taste in music) and my 2014 to the current year Archive is located here 

Over the years I have always wanted better (as in clearer) recordings. The thought that often came to me was "the musicians are right there, the quality of the recording can be as high as we can make it or want it to be". The world is focused on making money from music and high sound quality recordings cost even more money, but not so with worshipers, we are focused on saving/changing lives/cultures back to God and praising him. I believe it will also have a snowball affect where once it starts becoming popular the talent will increase and there will be Praise and Worship music to everyone's liking, but the most important is that it is to God's liking, he sees the heart.

My next steps:

  • Rent some multi-channel recording gear and get friendly with the soundboard guy at a few local churches in town and get my hands dirty recording some live PW. I would rent so that I can play with a bunch of different gear to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each one and the different types and so on.
  • Take the raw multi channel data and put it into a or this website into a format that is shareable for others who have the skills to make their own stereo mix and then they upload that here and other places sharing it freely.

I have a bigger vision where this is a part of the bigger vision. If you read more of these project descriptions you will start to see how some or all are interrelated.

Be Blessed,