Love 2 Move You

This project came after hearing Jennifer Clark (in 2014) share a dream she had. When she told it I knew exactly what it meant, at least what it meant to me... In the dream it was a beautiful sunny day at a sandy beach. There was a volleyball game going on at the beach. Two teams of Christians were playing the game against each other. Everyone was very happy, laughing and having a great time. Suddenly a small missile drops out of the blue sky and takes out one of the players, the player  explodes, no bones but blood is everywhere. Nobody moves, everybody looks at each other in shock and horror for a while but soon they shrug their shoulders and resume the game like nothing had happened and then another missile drops out the sky and the story repeats over and over, the shock and horror becomes less and less each time. 

My interpretation of the dream... The players are the North American Church body, we are having a good time, more playing Church than being the Church. The players who get killed by the missiles are Christian's in persecuted nations or even people in 3rd world countries who are dying for lack of food and housing. We North American Christians are shocked when we hear about what is going on in other parts of the world but we shrug our shoulders and look at our local brothers and sisters to see what their response is which is nothing and so we too do nothing and we continue on in our Church game having fun.

Enter Love to Move you...  This isn't a complete solution but maybe a start... What can we do from here to help them their? How can we stop playing Church and be the Church? This solution begins to address these issues. Here we go:

A group of Christians band together to be an army of people dedicated to moving people and their belongings. Like a moving company. To start with we only do local moves in and around town. The cost to the customer is low and agreed on before team arrives. Also the person is told that the proceeds go to charity and we give them a couple of charities to choose from. The charities we pick go to the persecuted Christians or people in 3rd world countries. Examples would be and

At the end of the move one of our team sits down with the person being moved to make the donation on-line and lets the person pick from a few choices. I guarantee the person will be touched in the process. The person being move is also very touched by seeing how the Christian movers relate to them and to one another. The Christian movers are not physically paid but every box and item they move they are doing as onto the ones who are having the missiles dropped on them. I have helped move a couple people or provided services in this manner and it was moving to both them and I (and God).

I for one love moving people.

I have spent time thinking about how to manage such a project, for example all the Christian movers would need to be bond-able, no criminal record, no drug addiction or even recent drug addition, spirit filled believers. Also the team could sign up for a SMS text and email messaging system I could develop this and a website which helps to manage the large team to make sure we always have enough volunteers for every move. Many hands make light work :)

I have acquired the domain name for this project.

Be Blessed,