Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International

(I will expand more on this one soon)... I feel a re-awaking/revival happening here. God names a thing what it is and now is the time for FGBMFI to be what He called it to be.  

What I envision is business men with all of their God given abilities, skills, blessing including family working together on various projects with purpose and determination and moving in God's power and will. They will not allow the enemy to come in and pull it down and nor will the Lord allow such a thing. 

I envision these men and women have all been given visions of projects to take on like I have. We all get together and share our visions on paper/computer. The visions that we all agree as worthy are put into a hat and we go "old testament" and pick 5-10 projects out of the hat with the agreement that whatever comes out of the hat we will all attempt to make progress on those projects as if they were are own project for at least one year. Then the following year we pick more projects from the hat. I don't expect all projects to be a success but some of them will and those projects matter. This is like the book of Acts where the believers all got together.

Many Christian business men and women would be excited to be part of something like this where they can use their God given skills, gifts and connections. Young men would now have older Christian men to look up to. Older men would mentor young men. Older women would mentor young women and so on. This could be the Church  more than what we currently call the Church in north america.

The weekly and monthly FGMBFI meetings would be different than what they are now. 

I don't have a clear picture of how exactly this is more men orientated than women other than in the name of FGBMFI. I recognize women can be just as capable as men in business. I also recognize that men and women are biologically different. I picture it 90% business men and 10% business women. You don't have to own or run a business to be part of it, but know that the objective is to do Kingdom business as the master King Jesus directs us.

Update - July 2020 - I am currently reading this PDF book https://www.pdfdrive.com/the-happiest-people-on-earth-e55637610.html which is the story told by the founder Demos Shakarian who was used of God to create FGBMFI. I recommend reading this book for any of the people who want to participate in this project as he (a business man) was used by God and the lessons he learned along the way. We build upon the foundation he laid.  Actually I am having my phone read the PDF to me using an Android app called @Voice at various times of the day.

Be Blessed,