Supernatural Spirit Reciprocity – Ron McGatlin

Posted by  Admin on August 23, 2022


Connecting to and loving God is a reciprocal response to the unconditional love of God. All of heaven and all that God has is contained in and expressed through His love. Fully responding to His love releases the potential of all God is and all God has into this world in and through those who love Him with their whole hearts and lives. (1 Cor 2:9-10).

Obviously, no human being can contain all that God is. However, Christ Jesus while in His human body was a clear and perfect reflection of God along with all that God is and has. (John 14:7-11).

Therefore, we as human beings in Christ and Christ in us can indeed become perfect reflections of all that God is. We do not encompass or contain all that He is, but we can reflect all that He is into this world. Thus we are the light of God from heaven on earth. We are the light of the world as we reflect Christ Jesus and all the light of heaven into this world. (Mat 5:14).

Natural creation on earth as God designed it in the Garden of Eden is a picture or replica of God’s glory showing forth His nature and character in all terrestrial and celestial creation. (Rom 1:20).

Impurities of sin mar the reflector of our human lives and distort the reflection of God into the earth and out to all creation. This distorts the whole plan of God’s creation. All sin or disobedience to God is from one single source: the lack of being in love with God. All that is out of order in creation comes from or roots in being disconnected from the experience of the love of God. (Mat 22 36-40).

The complete healing for every evil of this world rests solely in the love of God. The glory of God will cover the whole earth when all human beings made in God’s image are connected into God’s love and are fully experiencing the all-consuming, all-powerful love of God. (1 John 4).

All lack on earth is the direct result of mankind not experiencing the love of God. Lack of health, lack of provision, all lack of peace, joy, righteousness, and any other lack of any good thing in this life is directly traceable to mankind’s not fully experiencing the love of God. (Mat 6:33) (Rom 14:17).

Lack is a part of the death of separation from the fullness of life with God.

When Adam fell death came upon mankind. Death began the moment Adam became separated from the full experience of the fruit of the love of God. (Rom 5 12) (Gen 2:15-17). God always loves all mankind and all of His creation on earth. It was man’s free will choice to deviate from the way of God and the fruit of His love. (Rom 8:38-39).

The way to the full experience of the fruit of God’s love was restored in Christ Jesus, Yeshua Messiah. (Rom 5:15-20).

The purchase of His blood shed upon the cross and the power of His glorious resurrection has provided the way for all mankind to return to the full fruit of the love of Father God now in this life.

The return of the perfect life of Christ Jesus in the Holy Spirit now provides the potential for every living person and the whole world to be fully consumed and empowered by the LOVE of God. The potential return to the Garden of Eden life on earth is now potentially available to all mankind. This is the good news (gospel) of the kingdom that Jesus proclaimed. (Mat 4:23) (Mat 3:2) (Mat 10:7).

Why then does it often seem so far away?

Experiencing the fullness of the fruit of the love of God now with its Garden of Eden lifestyle begins with BELIEVING. (Mark 9:23) (Mark 16:14-20) (John 3: 15-18)

To believe is to have total faith. Simply stated most “believers” do not believe and therefore do not experience.

Why do we not believe?

Again, simply stated, because we believe something else in place of this gospel of the kingdom.

How did we come to believe something else, another good news (gospel)?

Believing or faith comes by hearing. (Rom 10:17).  It is a fact and reality of the design of the psyche and mind of man that what we hear repeatedly, especially from a trusted source becomes what we believe to be truth. (Mark 4:24) (Phil 4:8-9).

The most trusted source for many people that are seeking God is the Bible, that which we call the written word of God. When the written word is read and discerned by the Holy Spirit who wrote it, absolute truth from God is heard in our hearts and becomes what we believe, our faith. (1 Cor 2:10-12).

Many centuries ago the Holy Spirit was replaced with natural human understanding of the Bible. The natural fallen minds of man cannot discern the written word, for it is spiritually discerned. However, the minds of man, by using natural intellect and reasoning, can discover answers through biblical interpretation that are palatable to the natural mind. (1 Cor 2:13-14).

Dear friends, what we have heard taught and believed derived from the traditional teachings of past centuries has been at best incomplete and more accurately a mixture of biblical truth mixed with traditions of men and doctrines of demons. (Mark 7:6-9) (1 Tim 4:1).

There is an enemy that veils the minds to receiving truth. (2 Cor 4:34).

That which we have heard repeatedly from the most valued sources in our lives is reality to us. And much of that which we heard was NOT THE GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM that can position us to receive the fullness of the love of God and take us into the restored Garden of Eden type of life on earth in love with God.

Often the people who have the most difficulty receiving the true gospel of the kingdom are those who grew up in the church under the teachings of a gospel of salvation to go to heaven when we died but without the truth of the gospel of the kingdom of God. (Mat 21:28-32) (Mat 7-21) (Mat 23:13)..

The hope of heaven after death is a wonderful truth that seems even more valuable to me as I now progress through my eighty fifth year on earth. However, it is not the first priority of God for Planet Earth.

We are redeemed to bring forth the LOVE and LIFE of God to restore the earth to its original perfect design in which all things work together in harmony producing life on earth as it is in heaven. (Mat 6:10)

God is much more interested in bringing heaven to earth than taking us to heaven when we die.

The gospel of the kingdom of God cannot only change us but change the world around us, thus bringing the life of heaven to earth rather than just living in a type of hell on earth and only experiencing heaven in an afterlife. The gospel of the kingdom that Jesus brought to earth from heaven is about redeeming and restoring mankind and this world to “as it is in heaven.” Mankind is being redeemed and restored as kings and priest of heaven on earth now in this life. (Rev 1:6).

Many times those who grew up in the hell of corrupt life can hear and believe the real kingdom before those who were trained in religion all their lives.

However, the door to the real kingdom of God is available to all who will lose their lives to gain the life of Christ Jesus and His kingdom life now. (Mark 8:35). Love is the key and truly experiencing the kingdom is a born again experience to a whole new person in a whole new world. (John 3-3). The all-consuming love of God is the most powerful force in all existence. (Heb 12:28-29).

The reciprocity in supernatural spiritual love with God is life abundantly to the glory of God bringing forth His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

All things are possible to those who BELIEVE.

Ron McGatlin