Kingdom Ideas

Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest truly is plentiful, but the laborers are few" Matthew 9:37

Free Opensource Church Website Platform

A website platform that everyone can afford and contribute to. No excuse not to use it.


  1. A discipleship section/program 
  2. It links all the local churches together
  3. A Facebook like component
  4. A testimony section (because we all have one)
  5. Events section
  6. A place to share recorded Praise and Worship

Please contact me if you have some a desire and would like to help me flesh this out :) 

Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International

(I will expand more on this one soon)... I feel a re-awaking/revival happening here. God names a thing what it is and now is the time for FGBMFI to be what He called it to be.  

What I envision is business men with all of their God given abilities, skills, blessing including family working together on various projects with purpose and determination and moving in God's power and will. They will not allow the enemy to come in and pull it down and nor will the Lord allow such a thing. 

I envision these men and women have all been given visions of projects to take on like I have. We all get together and share our visions on paper/computer. The visions that we all agree as worthy are put into a hat and we go "old testament" and pick 5-10 projects out of the hat with the agreement that whatever comes out of the hat we will all attempt to make progress on those projects as if they were are own project for at least one year. Then the following year we pick more projects from the hat. I don't expect all projects to be a success but some of them will and those projects matter. This is like the book of Acts where the believers all got together.

Many Christian business men and women would be excited to be part of something like this where they can use their God given skills, gifts and connections. Young men would now have older Christian men to look up to. Older men would mentor young men. Older women would mentor young women and so on. This could be the Church  more than what we currently call the Church in north america.

The weekly and monthly FGMBFI meetings would be different than what they are now. 

I don't have a clear picture of how exactly this is more men orientated than women other than in the name of FGBMFI. I recognize women can be just as capable as men in business. I also recognize that men and women are biologically different. I picture it 90% business men and 10% business women. You don't have to own or run a business to be part of it, but know that the objective is to do Kingdom business as the master King Jesus directs us.

Update - July 2020 - I am currently reading this PDF book which is the story told by the founder Demos Shakarian who was used of God to create FGBMFI. I recommend reading this book for any of the people who want to participate in this project as he (a business man) was used by God and the lessons he learned along the way. We build upon the foundation he laid.  Actually I am having my phone read the PDF to me using an Android app called @Voice at various times of the day.

Be Blessed,

Love 2 Move You

This project/idea came to me after hearing Jennifer Clark in 2014 share a dream she had with a group of us in Victoria. When she told her dream I knew exactly what it meant, at least what it meant to me... Her dream, it was a beautiful sunny day at a sandy beach. There was a volleyball game going on at the beach. Two teams of Christians were playing against each other. Everyone was happy, laughing and having a great time. Without warning a small missile drops out of the blue sky and takes out one of the players, the player explodes like a water balloon with blood flying everywhere. Nobody moves, everybody looks at each other in shock and horror for a short while, but then they shrug their shoulders and resume the game as if nothing had happened and then another missile drops out the sky and the story repeats itself over and over, the shock and horror becomes less and less each time

My interpretation of the dream... The players are the North American church body, we are having a good time, more playing church than being the Church. The players who get killed by the missiles are Christian's in persecuted nations or people in 3rd world countries who are dying for lack of food and housing. We North American Christians are shocked when we hear about what is going on in other parts of the world but we shrug our shoulders and look at our local brothers and sisters to see what their response is which is nothing and so we too do nothing and we continue on in our church game having fun.

Enter "Love to Move you"...  This isn't a complete solution but perhaps a place to start. This solution begins to address these two issues: 1) What can we do from here to help them there? 2) How can we stop playing church and be the Church?

A group of Christians band together to be a team of believers dedicated to moving people and their belongings. Like a moving company. To start with we only do local moves in and around greater Victoria. The cost to the customer is low and agreed on before team arrives. Also the person(s) being moved is told that the proceeds go to charity and we give them a list of charities to choose from. The charities we pick have the donation going to persecuted Christians or people in 3rd world countries. Examples are and

At the end of the move one of our team sits down with the person(s) being moved to make the donation on-line in real time and lets the person pick from the  choices. I guarantee the person will be touched in the process. The person(s) being moved is also very touched by how the Christian movers relate to them and to one another. The the members of the team are not physically paid but every box and item they move they are doing as onto the ones who are having the missiles dropped on them. I have helped move people a few time or provided other services in this manner and it was moving to both them and myself.

Plus I for one love moving people. It is such blessing to help people move because to them it seems like it is almost impossible to do, but we as outsiders can see it done before it is even done.

I have spent time thinking about how to manage such a project, for example all the team members would need to be bond-able and trustworthy. The team could use  SMS texts and/or email messaging system I could develop for this and a website which helps manage the team to make sure we always have enough volunteers scheduled for every move. Many hands make light and enjoyable work :)

I have acquired the domain name for this project.

Be Blessed,

Culture changing Christian Music

in brief this vision/project:

The Holy Spirit is going to rest on some worshipers for a moment or years and the music will be recorded in its full glory and high resolution. The music is free for all to consume and distribute. The world takes notice, tunes-in and in the process the culture is changed. Hallelujah!


Since 2014 I have been recording Praise and Worship excerpts from Kansas City International House of Prayer's 24/7 live stream  to have fresh music to listen to. I also share this music for others to enjoy (however, I realize not everyone has the same taste in music) and my 2014 to the current year Archive is located here 

Over the years I have always wanted better (as in clearer) recordings. The thought that often came to me was "the musicians are right there, the quality of the recording can be as high as we can make it or want it to be". The world is focused on making money from music and high sound quality recordings cost even more money, but not so with worshipers, we are focused on saving/changing lives/cultures back to God and praising him. I believe it will also have a snowball affect where once it starts becoming popular the talent will increase and there will be Praise and Worship music to everyone's liking, but the most important is that it is to God's liking, he sees the heart.

My next steps:

  • Rent some multi-channel recording gear and get friendly with the soundboard guy at a few local churches in town and get my hands dirty recording some live PW. I would rent so that I can play with a bunch of different gear to learn the strengths and weaknesses of each one and the different types and so on.
  • Take the raw multi channel data and put it into a or this website into a format that is shareable for others who have the skills to make their own stereo mix and then they upload that here and other places sharing it freely.

I have a bigger vision where this is a part of the bigger vision. If you read more of these project descriptions you will start to see how some or all are interrelated.

Be Blessed,